Lisa and Johanna at Fitness Expo July '14

Just as we thought she couldn't improve on an already great figure, Johanna Mountfort shows us how its done!

For the past year she's been training heavy focusing on her back and it shows on her new figure she revealed at the NABBA WFF Nationals.  She weighed in a kg heavier (50kg contest weight) and in all the right places with much more mass on her back and also great width across the rear delts.
In the interview below I talk to Johanna about how she gained her size and how competing at the WFF Universe on the Gold Coast on 7 November was a super big lure for her to get back on stage again.

You can also check out part of her posing routine in the video. Get motivated and enjoy!



Click Pic Below for all the Stage Pics from NABBA WFF Nationals


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