Kiwis Snapped at Melbourne Pro!                 
left: Lisa with Steve Orton

Fit X expo Pics 
right: Dennis at BSN

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New update!  Aussie Pro Preview.  Read my thoughts on the favourites in the Men's and Women's classes here

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  Happy Snaps Backstage and After the show!  


  Australian Grand Prix, Amateur

Kiwi (via England) Lesley Rothera (left) was in great condition for the Open Figure section at the Aus Grand Prix.  She placed 2nd in a huge line up.

Another kiwi, Steve Papps competed in the Masters section but was up against some pretty big boys in a big line up too.

Was great to see these 2 athletes taking it to the Aussies! 

Steve Papps 


Backstage video with
Alicia, Raechelle, Erin
Backstage interview at Aussie Pro with Erin Stern, Alicia Harris and Raechelle Chase. 

Pro Figure comparisons

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Figure Comparisons Video

1. Erin Stern
2. Alicia Harris
3. Darlene
4. Raechelle Chase
5. Ellena Reidi
6. Daniela O'Mara
7. Kelli Johnson
8. Sara Picken Brown
9. Summer Bernard
10. Lisbeth Hakka
11. Jenni Briscoe
12. Kristy Thomson


Jenny, Raechelle, Lisbeth, Alicia
  Daniela,      , Sarah, Erin
Summer, Ellena, Darlene, Kristy
    Alicia, Erin, Darlene

  Darlene, Daniela, Ellena 
 Triple Threat Well if Ms Olympia can eat
Alicia looks to the stars
for inspiration
 Sara  Daniela  Kristy
 Jenny Yes I took the cake,
Ellena said
Strutting her cake off

   Here are backstage and stage pics of the Men at Aussie Pro!


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