NABBA Counties Pics and Report !                    
Check out all the pics of all the classes in our latest report below.


Thanks to Paul Adams for sending us some happy snaps from the show!  And to Frances Robinson for writing us the report.  This is great team work and we appreciate it heaps!!!!

left: Frances, Wendy and Julie



Results are up! Click read more to see


 More pics at


alt Congratulations Kristy Thomson and Darryn Onekawa on their great effort of placing 10th and 4th respectively at the Australian Grand Prix!

Well done!!
 Kristy                                                           Darryn



  Stage Pics and Report from the CLM Bodybuilding Comp.

Shape routines Video!
Check out the fun routines and one athlete sings her
own routine here


The view is great from
indoors too
Bikinis and Tans were swapped for cakes, tea and bubbly at Ali G's High Tea party on 19 November at Orbit on top of the Skytower.  

I was one of the lucky ones invited to an awesome afternoon of chatting, drinking and eating as we forget about the diet for the day. 
Class photo lol
Everyone was still looking fit and healthy and in great shape.  Nice to see Alison Rainbow along and sharing some of her stories too.  Thanks Ali for organising the get together!

Lisa, Go Figure


  How to get thoughts onto paper when you have a weeks worth of jumbled memories to sift through, you're tired, back at 'work', and still have a case of Delhi belly that just won't quit - although at least the two hourly toilet sprint is over - that was the first night in Hong Kong on the way home! But I digress, how to write about this, our first foray into a competition that is more than a couple of hours flight or drive away? 

So using my carb overloaded brain - I'll throw the experiences into categories, making them up as I go, and do a bit of analysis - a self debrief each time.
This might prove to be a bit therapeutic in fact, as obviously the results were not what we wanted, and looking back now while the memories are fresh should perhaps help avoid the same pitfalls in the future! So, we'll start with the travel, as you've got to get there eh, so start with the start, and finish at the end. 


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