Well here we are less than 2 weeks to contest. 12 days away from today (22 September) to be exact.  How exciting and nerve raking at the same time.  So much to do and so little time and so much weight to get off!  well actually not too much weight to get off but its just as hard getting the last couple of kgs off than it has the first 5kg.

Last week I was on a mission to do all I can to get more weight off and to get leaner. And I'm pleased to say that I did! I shaved off another 1/2 kg and now I'm down to 52.50 so slowly but surely I hope to get down to 51kg. I've also lost another 1/2 inch off my waist and abs so looking wee bit leaner through the mid section.

All the Samoans are telling me its super hot in Samoa so I'm hoping a kg of water will drip off me easily enough next week.  I won't be dehydrating too much towards the end of week as I don't want to go flat.  Anyway that's next week.

To get my weight and fat off in the past week I've made some adjustments to the diet. Been eating lots of white fish and chicken, and manipulated the amount of carbs to fat I was having. Because I'm eating alot of protein without too much carbs I've upped my fibre so everything's all regular so that all the waste and water's carried out of the system. And I think the slight adjustment worked although I'm feeling little more tired from it but that's the way I'm suppose to be feeling a week from comp.  I'm sure other athletes feel the same way.
Generally I'm looking little harder, although you probably can't tell too much from the pic above as I'm still a whitey.  Happy with how hard my legs are getting. My back and chest are coming in but its those darn abs. Hopefully they'll make an appearance on contest day. I'm not going to be super dooper hard or ripped or anything crazy like that. But I think I have a bit of everything to present a nice figure...if I do say so myself..and if I don't say it nobody will!  Hopefully judges aren't looking for too harder bodies and I'll fit in their criteria somewhere. 

Basically all I want to do is look like I belong and be at least competitive - especially when I'm going to be standing alongside Big Lisa Bellingham, Farah Deobhakta and Sarah Su! what a line up eek.

I'll continue with my new eating regime in the next week while upping the frequency I'm training my bodyparts to get the last line of definition into them.  I'll train each bodypart twice a week and do 3-4 exercises, 12-15 reps each time I train them.  Still doing the cardio but have pulled back on the time I'm doing it so I don't exhaust myself and do it smarter rather than for a long time.  Plus my legs feel way too heavy to go too hard anyway.
  Training at the Environment Gym has been great. I've really enjoyed the comraderie of the people who train there as well as the Sexy Samoans who are competing at the show.  Having them train around you makes you want to do one more rep when you really don't want to. So I think having their support has been a big factor in getting me through this far!

You can see more of the sizzling samoans here

left: Lisa with Joe Fepuleai, Nina and Lufi, and Dean

So as the final week approaches I'm feeling more confident about my posing and how I'm looking.  I can only do my best and do all I can to get there in the final days.

Have plenty to do like packing my bag and not forgetting what to put in it. The bikini and shoes are coming with me on the plane just incase my bags go to fiji instead of Samoa.

BTW thanks so much to Ali Gascoine for making me a bootiful bikini which I picked up this week.  Luckily her mirror was a wee bit kinder to me . Ali's look fab herself and she's going to compete in an INBA show in Los Angeles the same weekend I'm in Samoa.  So good luck Ali, I'm sure you'll do well with those awesome shoulders and rock hard bod of yours.

I better go work on mine! 
Lisa, Go Figure 

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