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 Athlete Profiles, Sponsors and Lead Up Workshop events

Other Optimum Nutrition Fitness Model Contest Updates

Video! Backstage and Onstage scenes from the show plus interviews with the girls before and after they go on stage.

Happy Snaps from Day 1, Sports Wear Round

Day 2 Bikini and Results

Thanks to our sponsors who gave some amazing prizes to our athletes!
Bespoke are giving us 3 bikinis to the Top 3 and $100 vouchers to placings 4 and 5.
Glamdals have given us 3 pairs of Glamdals to Top 3
Schiek accessories have given us 3 gorgeous pink weight belts and lifting straps!
have given us 3 amazing hampers to Top 3 and all the girls will also get some Morrocan Oil in their goodie bags.

Photoshoot have given the winner a photoshoot! you will receive 6 high res photoshop finished images on disc and in print form (8"x 12") in a 2 hr shoot. 3 - 4 clothing changes with various props and lighting setups with high key white background and low key black background
MD Sports Clinic will treat the winner to a relaxing 1 hour massage and 2nd and 3rd place getters will receive $50 gift vouchers each.

In all goodie bags: Go Figure Low Carb Pasta, Mum's Secret, Moroccan Oil, Elizabeth Arden, L'Oreal, Maybelline Sample packs and Optimum Nutrition products will be in all the goodie bags.



The girls with Nic and Evana
at back

30 June Workshop
With only 2 weeks until the contest, the girls were eager to get in final practice and last minute pointer on how to maximise their time on stage with the help from walking coach Evana Patterson.

Again the girls had a great time and thanks to Evana for your time and enthuasiasm!

 Camilla  Ally                 Jamie  Emmaline
Lucia, Lisa, Krista and Nic from Optimum. Camilla, Amy, Lony, Lucia Lisa, Emmaline, Sarah, Krista, Aimee
looking great in their Optimum Nutrition croptops.
Evana (centre) shows the girls how to strut their stuff
Lony and Emmaline

Tall timbers
Aimee and Amy
Lucia, Emmaline, Krista, Lisa             Lucia, Jamie
          Camilla     Lisa Lony            Ally Sarah             Amy


Lisa and Evana
Fitness Model Walk Workshop, 2 June
Thanks so much to Evana Patterson, Miss Universe NZ Pageant organiser and Walking Coach, for helping our Optimum Nutrition Athletes with their walk and confidence!  All of us had a fantastic and I know they've learned alot about how to make the most of their assets.

Melody, Ally, Romelle

Check out the pics
and video of our session below.

Make sure you watch Evana at the start as that's what you girls will be doing in your T model walk.  But with your own style!

LisaL, Evana, Lisa, Christy. Evana showing how to stand 'relaxed', Abigail, Sheena, Maria


The Gorgeous Athletes who vyed for the Title of Optimum Nutrition Spokesmodel Title!


Moseena Okami
 Anthena Angelou Christie Aston  Julia Baillie Jamie Best


Mossena Okami Amaterasu
My name is Mossena and my profession lies in IT/accounting and also group fitness instructing. I have been training for the past 9 years and decided to compete to prove it to myself and because I love the health and fitness lifestyle. I am using this competition to motivate and drive me into becoming a fitter, stronger, more athletic and better version of myself. I love group fitness training and just can't get enough!! As of late I’ve been incorporating weight training into by training regime to get myself to the next level and love the results that I am seeing. I am extremely passionate about fitness and training in general. I train about 6 times a week and find that training helps in every aspect of my life. It helps me feel good inside and out, body and mind. I hope to inspire others who feel unfit, overweight or depressed to start exercising and make it part of their life style. I hope to inspire them by making them believe you can achieve anything you put your mind to by putting in the hard work, discipline and time. It’s worked for me and I am sure it can work for others. Capture your dreams and dare to be great!!

Athena Angelou.
Filipino/Greek. 22 years old. From South Auckland. A graduate in international flight attending and current radio host at REPFM. Hated early mornings and healthy food until discovering a passion for fitness and the rewarding results that followed. Wants to be an inspiration for mothers wanting to get back their
pre-pregnancy body and to prove that anything is possible with a positive mentality and 'can do' attitude. Her passion for fitness and people allows her to encourage those around her and integrate exercise in every day routines. She enjoys competing against the opposite sex and hopes to help people of all shapes and sizes.
Chrystie Aston. My name is Chrystie, I'm a 24 year old student, studying Software Engineering. I work and train at Health and Sports Kingsland, in Auckland. In May 2012 I decided to kick some unhealthy habits and get in shape. Seven months later, I was 20kgs lighter and had replaced those unhealthy habits with a desire to continue transforming my body and be the best that I can be.
Cooking is a passion of mine and one of my favourite parts of this lifestyle is creating new, exciting clean recipes that I share with my friends and family. I entered this competition not only to win, but because I want to inspire others and prove that with a little determination, anyone can create a body that they love.

Julia Baillie. I've made NZ my new home, moving from Scotland over 6 years ago.  It's definitely changed me as a person because its such an awesome laid back country ;) I love the gym, its been my new social life since having a bubba as hangovers are not much fun with a two year old boy.  We have a great little community back home in Taupo, its really motivating and keeps me on Track to be the best I can be! At the moment im studying to be a PT, I can't wait to be qualified and get started, I’m really excited to motivate people to a healthier future, I’m all about "living clean training mean".

I've just set up my own bussiness, "The Fit Foodie".  Being a qualified chef and a dedicated fitness freak my aim is to cater for those clients that have specific dietary requirements, simply, i produce yummy food that will make you feel naughty without being naughty ....  you girls know what I’m talking about ;)

Ane Bartlett

Jamie Best
Hey im Jamie. I'm a 23 year old Aucklander.Im 5"2 and a police officer.This in itself is proof that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. I train 5 days a week at the gym. I also play soccer and love running. The tattoo on my shoulder says "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" this is a quote I live by. I'm confident, happy with my body and have mastered the ability not to pull funny facials while working out! I'm bubbly and energetic and talk alot but I'm also dedicated, committed and a fitness freak!


Jess Brown             Abigail Clarke Ashley Clements  Shea Clough  Ally Cohen


Jess Brown
Hey everyone! My name’s Jess Brown, 20, and firstly I would like to say that I am super excited to be competing in my first fitness model contest and even more excited that it will be held at the NZ Fitness Expo. I have been training for the past two years, and have found the love for the iron ;). This prompted me to take my passions to the next level, set dream goals and test myself against other competitors. Originally, I started doing more power lifting and Olympic lifting (my boyfriends fault!) but fell in love with the female fitness model and bikini model look, therefore changed my training, although I still have a focus on hitting personal bests in squats, bench and deadlifts.

I currently work part-time for Dotti as a retail assistant, while studying fulltime in Marketing and Human Resources. My biggest inspiration is the gorgeous Andreia Brazier, who won the 2012 WBFF Diva category. I see too many women out there doing endless amounts of cardio, while being afraid to touch the weights and not seeing the change they want. I want to set an example and inspire women, showing them that they can be athletic, healthy and beautiful while lifting heavy weights and eating well.

I’ve made so many friends already in the fitness industry and can’t wait to make a few more! Look forward to seeing you all soon!

Abigail Clarke. Hi I’m Abby and I’m 21 years old. I’ve always lead an active life but it’s been just recently that health and fitness has become not just something I have to do, but something I LOVE to do. I’m a happy-go-lucky girl always taking a positive outlook on all aspects of my life. I believe I’d make a great brand ambassador for Optimum Nutrition not only because of my true passion for fitness, but also because I find my inspiration and motivation through others. For this reason, the large fan base ON has would provide opportunities to share my experiences, advice and positivity. A little positivity makes a big different when struggling to find motivation. This is so important in a world where people can be so negative and there’s such a blurred line for women about what is “healthy”. This will be an inspiring journey for me in which I hope will also inspire others.
Ashley Clements. I am a 21 year old gym bunny, and am a farm girl at heart growing up on a dairy farm and avocado orchard in Te Puke. Currently, I am based in Morrinsville and work for Tatua Dairy Company.
This is my first season competiting with the IFBB in the bikini category and have my amazing trainer Claire Torr guiding me in this very exciting journey. This is a totally new challenge I have set myself, after being a competitive marathon runner for the past five years. I also regularly represented the Waikato/Bay of Plenty and Manawatu regions in cross country events. My passion is to encourage, inspire and motivate others to challenge themselves in all areas, particularly fitness and health.  I am also academic focused, gaining a BSc in Agricultural Science from Massey University and plan to study a Bachelor of Law degree next year

Shea Clough. Kia Ora!! My name is Shea Clough. I am 35 years old and I have resided in this beautiful country with my wonderful husband and two children, aged 12 and 10, for the past 10 years. I am a Les Mills Group Fitness Instructor at both the Northern Arena and Les Mills, Takapuna. Body Pump, GRIT, CX Worx and Sh’Bam are among the multiple programs that I teach. I LOVE being a part of people’s journeys to a healthier life! Born and raised on a mountainous ranch in Meeker, Colorado USA, I learned the value of hard work from a very young age. I was the only girl in a family of four children. My brothers challenged me intellectually and athletically. They toughened me up! Before moving to NZ, I taught step aerobics and gymnastics. Since living in Kiwi Country, my passions now are family, fitness, friends, fun and surfing!!

Ally Cohen. My name is Alexandra DeLaine Cohen. I am 33 years old. I moved here from Hawai’i in 2009. When I first came to Aotearoa I had no friends and so joined the Uni Rec Centre. There I made many friends and began to love fitness and gym more than ever before. I always say the happiest and nicest people I know are people I’ve met at the gym. I have always been passionate about healthy and cruelty-free lifestyles so I am a vegan! I aim to dispel the myth that vegans are weak creatures; we are strong, we are healthy and we live a kind lifestyle! My vegan fitness body is a work in progress since I reaffirmed my commitment to veganism at the beginning of this year. Robert Cheeke and other vegan body builders are my inspiration! Today I am passionate about three things, fitness, friends and veganism!


Aimee Collins Krista Curnow
Hayley Evans Emmaline Fawcett Kylie Gardner


Aimee Collins. First of all I just want to say how excited I am about this years Optimum Nutrition fitness model competition, at the NZ fitness expo in July, this will be my first comp. There's some amazing talent out there so I'm really looking forward to meeting all the other contestants to share our journey of competing and to be inspired by their amazing bodies."For me fitness and health is a lifestyle I choose, because it allows me to continually challenge myself to be the best version of me possible and inspire others". I love the way working out makes me feel inside and out and I truly believe it's an integral part of the success in our journey to happiness and wellbeing.In my spare time I love to swim and participate in martial arts, and of course hit the gym theres nothing like the feeling of finishing a really good training session. I work as an international flight attendant, so I'm really lucky to be able to try out gyms and fitness centres worldwide. My goal over the next little while is to train hard, inspire others to reach their full potential, become a IFBB pro and hopefully represent Optimum Nutrition world wide!!!Goodluck everyone.

Krista Curnow
I currently compete in Shape classes in Nabba Bodybuilding federation... as you can see I haven't always been about healthy living and fitness in saying that I wouldn't go back to my unhealthy living for anything... this is my life, my passion and something I put my all into each minute of every day... cant wait to meet all you like minded ladies.

Hayley Evans
Hello my name is Hayley Evans. I am 24 and currently living in Auckland. I am working as a lending administrator for Sovereign home loans. I have always been an active person who enjoys keeping fit and healthy. My bodybuilding Journey started in June 2012 when I decided that I wanted to achieve a personal goal of getting my body in the best shape possible to be able to compete in the Bikini section for NZIFBB Waikato champs September 21st 2012.

Since this competition I have become totally dedicated / addicted to the sport and enjoy helping others along the way with their journey towards living a heathier happier life style:) I cannot wait to meet all the other girls and am totally excited for July 13&14th!!!!! TRAIN HARD- EAT CLEAN.

Emmaline Fawcett
Hey everyone! I’m Emmaline! I’m currently studying towards a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Business conjoint degree at Uni in Auckland. From a young age competitive sport and exercise was an inaugural passion I developed and excelled with. Three years ago I decided it was time I channelled my
passion into something I thrived in the most; health & fitness! I am forever increasing my knowledge about health and fitness both within my studies and in the ‘gym arena’. I’ve also come to learn that inspiring and motivating others not only involves having accurate knowledge but knowing

how to relate on a personal level so that people realise their own goals and dreams are achievable. The fitness industry inspires and challenges me the most beyond any sport I’ve competed in and that is where my ambition derives from. Each day I endeavour to inspire others to live a healthier lifestyle and reach their health and fitness goals!!

Kylie Gardner “You either can or can’t, either way you are right”! I am passionate about being active, fit and healthy for many reasons. The main reason is to show my family that it is important to maintain a balanced lifestyle so that they too make the right choices. With the support of my hus
band, 3 babies and number one training partner, I am taking my training to the next level to walk on stage at the Optimum Nutrition Fitness Model Search and prove to myself that I can do it. Like anything, it has its challenges but with determination and commitment you eventually get there. I am enjoying every step of the journey.


 Sarah Gledhill  Kendra Gleeson  Lisa Goodrick


Sarah Gledhill. Imagine, Believe, Achieve are 3 inspiring words I live by. By day I am courageous sales rep for Spicers (a paper merchant) and by night I am a fitness fanatic I strive for excellence in everything I do and I believe that exercise is not only a choice but a lifestyle.

For me it’s the bigger picture; health & fitness is all about maintaining balance of my mental and physical health that drives my strength to overcome any challenge no matter how big. I would like to inspire others to follow in my footsteps and to know that the body can do anything the mind tells it. Sourcing energy my body requires through healthy eating and good supplements, I have reinforced the attitude that gives a positive outlook on life. Exercise for me is not just about looking good. It is my ambition; it gives my core the best feeling knowing that I am going to be living a long and happy life. I have become more confident and adventurous to try what a career woman may not want to, which has giving me the passion to live life to the full.

Kendra Gleeson. Hi my name is Kendra. I’m 19 years old and I live in Christchurch. My passion for Fitness started when I moved away from home, while I was training to become a Qualified Beauty Therapist. I came to realize that life is short and that being healthy is important. I then began to start exercising regularly and stumbled upon some inspirational photos that enhanced my urge to start getting fit and this is how it began. I love training and the gym atmosphere as it has done wonders for my self-confidence and ability to communicate with all different types of people from all different walks of life. Training in general and for this particular competition has given me the ability to see that I can push myself beyond my limits. I hope that the time and energy I have thrown into this will inspire others to follow their dreams.

Lisa Goodrick
"Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life". My name is Lisa, 22, Group Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer from the beautiful North Shore Auckland. Im normally described to people as having a big intense personality because I am very loud and love to use that to channel my passion for fitness into those around me. If I can help educate and motivate my friends, family and New Zealanders to lead a healthy lifestyle I feel that I am contributing to a better society. This will be my first competition and I am so excited to share my journey with everyone and hope to inspire people to follow their goa
ls as I am currently doing right now!


Kate Gorman  Mel Koch Lisa Lethbridge  Melody Leung  Nats Levi


Kate Gorman. Hi, I'm Kate Gorman a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and aspiring Fitness Model/Ambassador. I traded in the business suit and heels for trackie's and trainer's over 3 years ago to pursue my dream career in the fitness industry and have never looked back! I have recently set up my own personal training business from my private gym at home and various other gyms as well as teaching a wide variety of group fitness classes. I also educate and train our future athletes throughout various High Schools over Christchurch. My most passionate project would be my "Boot Camp Babes" a training group targeted at helping women of all shapes and sizes build self confidence and improve overall well being! I aim to create a generation of fit and healthy women and show them how amazing it feels to be STRONG!

STRONG is the new skinny! It is my dream to one day travel the world as a fitness model/ambassador inspiring people from all different backgrounds to take on the healthy, active lifestyle that I strive to set myself!

Mel Koch
I am a 33 year old mum of two boys, work full time for The Radio Network, study and train 6 days a week. I am very passionate about clean eating and living fit! This is what inspired me to study Nutrition and Fitness and write a Clean Eating Recipe book, which is about to be published! This has led to a Website, Facebook page and clothing range to motivate and inspire others to live clean and live fit too. I regularly update both pages with clean recipe ideas, blogs, motivation, my exercises, supplements I take, photos and inspirational and useful information. As a role model to my followers, I challenged myself to enter in both NABBA Miss Fitness Model New Plymouth and Palmerston North competitions, taking home both titles, while qualifying for the NABBA nationals in October this year!

I am excited to be competing for the opportunity of Optimum Nutrition Fitness Model title, athlete sponsorship from Optimum Nutrition, and to further my passion of motivating and inspiring others, taking my eating clean and fitness lifestyle to the next level!

Lisa Lethbridge
Hi! My name is Lisa and currently I am a student at Auckland University studying marketing, international business and Spanish. I have always been an active girl – karate, dancing, gymnastics, hocke
y – you name it I’ve done it! However, when I started university, my fit lifestyle was quickly replaced with studying, working part time and socialising. It wasn’t until I returned from a six week holiday in Europe in 2012 that I realised how unhappy I had become with my body, lifestyle and everyday outlook. I cleaned up my diet, started back at the gym and with a strong support crew, transformed myself back into the fit and positive person I had known myself to be. I want to inspire people to lead a healthy and active lifestyle because the physical and mental benefits are undeniable. I believe true happiness comes from good health – Everyone should get to experience true happiness.

Melody Leung
I’m 32 year-old, merchandise buyer, my passion is to live out to my maximum everyday in all aspect and sharing life experiences to others. I love fitness because I can be stronger physically and mentally which increase my endurance and perseverance to face lots of challenges in life. I’m so touched and inspired by seeing others’ life changing positively and live happily through what I can share with them from what I’ve learnt; During my preparation my first bodybuilding competition and won it, lots of friends are so amazed how much I could transform, immediately I became their fitness role model and lots of people around me constantly ask me advise for improvement in training and diet. That has made me become a useful person to serve and help the community, and a goal of my life to motivate others to enjoy lives and be stronger physically everyday anytime as I can in any way."

Nats Levi
I am Nats Levi and I am passionate about life. I am currently working as a Group Fitness Instructor and PT at Les Mills. I want to inspire people by believing in them when they have given up on themselves and being a role model of change, whether it be physical or mental. I do think that optimum health is reliant on the factors of nutrition, movement and lifestyle balance. I am optimistic, full of faith and want everyone to be happy.


Sheena Pink  Mossena  Louise Morley  Lucia Oles


Sheena Matheson (Pink) is a 23 year old fitness fanatic with a Sports Science and Nutrition degree. I started going to the gym 6 years ago to help develop my sports performance. From the first day of lifting weights I was hooked. I love conquering the physical and mental challenges weight training puts before me. Last year I watch the fitness model search at the Fitness Expo and I set myself the goal to enter it the following year. I am a secondary school teacher. My main subjects are PE and Health but this year I am teaching nutrition. I love educating our youth about good nutrition and encouraging them to lead physical, healthy lifestyles. I believe I would be a great ambassador for Optimum nutrition and I would love to be giving the opportunity to inspire and educate people about the physical and mental strengths our body’s are capable of overcoming.

Mary-Ann Moller (above)
I'm Mary-Ann and I'm currently a full-time student at the University of Otago. I am in my final year, completing a Bachelor's degree majoring in Sports and Exercise Nutrition. I absolutely love what I study as it combines physical education and human nutrition. This is very representative of the way in which I believe healthy living should be approached. I have always been very active and competed in many different sports. My current fitness goals are focussed on training to compete in my first bodybuilding competition later this year. Currently, to stay fit and healthy, I lift weights, run and do CrossFit. I love adventure sports such as hiking and snowboarding and pretty much enjoy anything that is a challenge! I want to help promote a healthier body image for women in which being strong, fit, healthy and happy have the utmost importance as opposed to focussing on the number on the scales!

LOUISE MORLEY AGE:31HOBBIES: WEIGHTS, BOXING FOR FITNESS, HIKING,ANIMALS & HORSE RIDING. WHAT HEALTH & FITNESS MEAN TO ME:Health and Fitness is my lifestyle choice since the young age of 11 when I started martial arts and joined my 1st gym. For years I just did cardio and avoided the weights until 4 years ago when I gave it a go and noticed it changing my body shape and I became hooked. Training is part of my day no matter where I am I make the time for it. My health is so important to me and I hope I am a fitness role model for friends and family. Training keeps me feeling energised and it enables me to live a happy fulfilled life. Fitness satisfies me Physically, mentally and emotionally. I have goals and dreams and I know that every day that I train hard I am one step closer to fulfill them!!

Lucia Oles
My name is Lucia and I¹m passionate about life, sports, travel, writing, cooking, health, fitnessŠand I adore my family and friends. I'm a Service Quality Manager at ASB Bank. I love going to the gym and working up a sweat. I¹ve recently started competing in Figure competitions. I¹m an avid dirt-biker who loves the fun of racing around on my motorbike. Lastly, I love a good challenge! To help me perform at "OPTIMUM" whilst at work, the gym, on the motorbike or at home, I choose to nourish my body with only the best "NUTRITION". I hope to inspire and motivate others to also pursue a healthy and active lifestyle ­ I truly believe fitness and health form part of a solid foundation for a long, healthy and happy life.


 Rachael Palmer Camilla Payne Juanita Pretorius Adele Rossiter


Rachael Palmer
As a Personal Trainer and Mother to two kids under 5, I aim to inspire other mums and mums to be, that you really can look and feel the best in your life, even after having children. I want these women to realize, they can achieve and maintain their optimum body-shape, simply by being educated and carrying out consistency in exercise, diet & supplementation. Promoting and physically leading an active, healthy lifestyle, is what I’ve been doing for 14 years as a Trainer. Women more than ever, want to be fit and strong… lifestyle and image expectations have changed… therefore nutrition and exercise requirements have changed! My new business ‘Mummy-Shape’, is giving me the opportunity to educate mums and future mums, on how to tackle these changes and still achieve optimum image. It is an area I’m very passionate about. I believe this competition represents an image that is current, healthy and inspiring. One I want to promote!

Camilla Sian Payne
24 years old, half Filipino/Australian. My fitness journey has
been a roller coaster ride full of lessons and continuous knowledge. It excites me knowing im always learning and bettering myself, smashing goals and seeing the achievements, knowing i did it all on my own. Last year i competed in my first bikini competition for NZIFBB and places 2nd and through to nationals. That was only a taste of what i can do, mentally and physically and plan to pursue it even further. Im currently studying to be a personal trainer, not everyone has the knowledge of truly knowing how amazing being healthy feels! Therefore not reaching their FULL potential. I want to be able to promote that and inspire people to be the very best they can be, and to make a difference in peoples lives. I believe that happiness comes from within yourself, when you are living a healthy, positive and active lifestyle, thats living a happy life! Because "Nothing taste as good as fit Feels.

Juanita Pretorius
I am 26 years old and have a passion for photography in the fashion and wedding industry, I studied photography at the college of digital photography in South Africa I also studied clinical science. Fitness to me is about feeling good, having energy being happy and enjoying life it's a wonderful lifestyle and has so many benefits.

Adele Rossiter
Originally from Hamilton, I am currently studying and enjoying life in Palmerston North, in my second year of a Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree. My love for the gym and training began back in high school and from there I was hooked, I would train every morning before school and was back for more in the afternoons. When I joined my gym in Palmerston North I was asked if I would like to become an instructor for group fitness classes, and so now my passion is helping others on their journey to greater fitness. After recently completing my teaching certification every day is full on with study, training and work but I absolutely love it. The most rewarding parts of teaching classes is seeing the change in others fitness as I challenge them to push beyond what they think their limits are and inspiring people to live a healthier lifestyle.


 Jessica Rule Georgina Shadbolt  Maria Shearer  Romelle Smith  Lony Stewart


Jessica Rule
This experience isn’t just about me; it’s about inspiring others, motivating my clients, exceeding my own expectations, and moving beyond my comfort zones. I am a personal trainer based in the beautiful Bay of Islands, where myself and many of my clients live in remote rural areas.

My passion for health and fitness has been alive for quite some time, however recently I decided it’s time to get serious. After completing a Bachelor of Sport & Recreation at the age of 20, and becoming a REP’s registered personal trainer, I think it’s now my time to shine. I have launched a personal training company called Results Rule, where I focus on delivering personalized functional training solutions.  Solutions that will not only empower; making you stronger, faster, and leaner; but that exponentially make you happier through a mentally and spiritually healthier you. Training is meant to be fun, so I am bringing the party to the fitness expo. It is my first time competing and my excitement is uncontrollable. Watch me bring the rural life to the bright lights.

Georgina Shadbolt

Heya, I’m Georgie, a 22 year old student who has always loved being active and healthy. I decided to turn this passion into a career 4 years ago and completed a personal training certificate. I am now in my last year of studying towards a degree in Health and Wellness. I cannot wait to get out into the industry and start to motivate and inspire people and help others achieve happiness through a fit healthy and balanced lifestyle. Fitness and Nutrition has never been easy for me due to increasing insecurities, though I came to a point where I realised my body is a temple and I needed to start treating it like one rather than destroying it. Over the last few years I have worked hard on all aspects of my life and feel I have become a stronger, more confident person because of this. I now live by the rule, embrace what life throws at you, as you never know what it might bring. I live and breathe health and fitness which has now become a lifestyle for me. It’s what I love, it’s what I live for.

Maria Shearer
Maria, 26years old. A year ago I decided to change my life. I decided I was going to stop talking about losing weight and getting fit, and to actually do it. A year later I am 15+kg lighter, happier, stronger and have more passion for life. I manage a forum on facebook, inspiring and encouraging other w
omen to be fit and healthy. To me, being fit and healthy isn't just about being slim. It’s about finding yourself and learning how physically and mentally strong you can be. I found a new me and with that I was able to have the confidence to finally raise money and shave my head for “shave for a cure” in March. At last year’s expo, I told my partner that I was going to be one of those girls on stage next year. I set myself the goal, and here I am.

Amy Smaulder (above)
Hi, my name is Amy. Since embracing a healthy and active lifestyle almost a year ago when I first started training, my life has changed remarkably and I'm loving it! I entered my first two fitness competitions 6 months ago. I was very humbled to walk away with both titles and a definite passion for the industry. This was a real achievement for me, especially after only having 4 weeks to train and prepare leading up to them. Other than my addiction to CrossFit, I keep fit through Yoga, Snowboarding and Standup Paddleboarding.  My ultimate goal is to inspire happiness, health and wellbeing for all women. Also teaching empowerment and that you can get anywhere you want to be with perseverance, determination and motivation.
“If it doesn’t challenge you, then it doesn’t change you.”

Romelle Smith
Hi, my name is Romelle Smith, I’m 38 years old and I’m a Sales Representative. Two years ago I had a major cycling accident which changed my life I had 6 weeks off work and then started re-hab at my local gym (I couldn’t even lift a 1kg dumbbell with my left arm), but after several months of determination and dedication I regained my strength. It was then I started to believe that anything was possible, all I had to do was put my mind to it. In August 2012 I set myself a goal, train hard, eat clean and enter the 2013 Fitness Model Competition. I love my new life, I feel healthy and strong, have boundless amounts of energy and enjoy watching my body transform.   Most of all I would really like to encourage others through my story and help them achieve their own personal fitness goals.

Lony Stewart
My name is Lony, I’m 29 year old and from chile. I came here to travel and I have fallen in love with this country. I’m a PE teacher and I have played a lot of sport during my life. I love to help people and teach them the right way to be healthy and fit. When I moved here my English was so bad and was hard to make friends and find work. But I believe everything happens for a reason and now I work at the gym ( configure express Milford ). I’ve made my new life here nz and I want to be part of the nz fitness industry which is why I’m motivated to do this competition. I want to achieve this comp as one of my goals as one of the stepping stones to help better myself. And to do this not to be the winner but just to better myself.

Cirrus Tan Kirsten Vaughn  Lisa Verhuel  Andrea Wood Sally White              



Cirrus Tan
Hi, I’m Cirrus, 20 years old, from Christchurch. I enjoy challenging myself mentally and physically through a fun and healthy lifestyle. My training usually involves rock climbing, playing some squash, and getting a good pump at the gym. The best thing about getting fit is that there’s no finish line
; there’s always more we can lift, higher we can reach, and further we can go. We all have weaknesses, and it’s easy to strengthen our strengths. But we’re only as strong as our weakest link, so I want to encourage others to train and develop the body as a whole. I believe that when we push ourselves outside of our comfort zone, strength within us develops and this reflects on our body. I want to inspire and motivate people to push past their fears and find that strength!

“The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow.”

Kirsten Vaughan

Ok, so a little bit about me. I live in Christchurch and work in creative services. Outside of work I LOVE to train ­ the gym is my happy place! Three years ago I started my journey as a figure competitor and haven't looked back. In my world, health and fitness means being true to yourself and respecting your body ­ being strong and confident helps to lead to success outside of the gym. Nail this and anything seems possible. I draw inspiration and find motivation in many places, from many people. I believe if you surround yourself with positivity it rubs off! So naturally, it feels awesome to inspire and motivate others. The last couple of years have been a challenging time for many people living here in Christchurch. Through all of this my training has been my anchor, a positive focus when things around me were a tad pear-shaped! I see this competition as a chance to inspire others to believe in themselves, no matter what the adversity. What an incredible opportunity! Thank you!

Andrea Wood
Two years ago my life changed: Two years ago weighing over 115kgs, I would never have thought I would be doing this. Today at the tender age of 24, I have put my old self behind me – turned into a fitness bunny & love my new body. Although not at my goal yet my lifestyle and occupation are changing. Currently an administration temp, I have been looking at my enrolment for a personal training course to continue helping others who want to achieve a similar story to mine. I’ve found something I love doing & that I’m passionate about, I feel great once I leave a training session or the gym & love that I have energy all t
he time with the skills I’ve learnt to pass on to others. I’ve set my mind to this & my new challenge is to walk on stage – so bring it!

Sally White
My name is Sally White and I am a 26 year old Dancer and Dance Teacher from Wellington. I am very passionate about health and fitness and I feel very lucky to have a job that I not only love but is very physical! As a dance teacher, one of my favourite classes to teach is body conditioning. In this class I teach my dancers ways to make themselves stronger and tune their body's to the desired level of fitness. I love encouraging my students to do their best and inspiring them to be the best dancers they can be! I also love working hard to get results for myself and am continually working to make myself not only a better dancer but a fitter, stronger and more healthy one so I can inspire others to love a healthy lifestyle


Emily Young KT Zanzoun

Emily Young

Kia ora, my name is Emily Selma Luamanuvae Young and I'm a 19 year old student living in Hamilton. I am currently studying a personal training course to better my knowledge in health and fitness, and gain experience to help others on their fitness journey. As a 19 year old I would love to inspire other teens to be fit and healthy, shape their bodies and to not be afraid to lift. Taking pride of my body and looking after it is my passion and I think it is important for all people. Seeing changes, shaping my body, and trying new healthy foods is my excitement and I hope to share and inspire other people through my journey. As a young athlete I still love to hang with my friends and enjoy the social life, but I have big dreams and goals ahead and I'm determined to get there.

KT Zanzoun

Hi there! I'm KT Zanzoun, a 22 year old Southern gal living the life in New Zealand, and currently working as an assistant manager for Bendon Outlet; ask anyone there and they would describe me as hard-working, fun-loving , and a go-getter.

Two years ago at the age of 20, there were three places you'd most likely find me; out shopping, at Southbank sunbathing, or at one of Brisbane's many nightclubs. Now,those places are  home, work, or the gym!! To say my life has made a complete 180 is an understatement. Nutrition and fitness IS my life now. I looked in the mirror one day and realized that the reflection I saw was not who I truely was, I was always active as a young girl, but somewhere along the line I lost track of that. That was a turning point; I started running most evenings and really got back into it after moving to Auckland from my year in Australia. Slowly, the weight started to come off. Upon my move to Taupo, I joined the best most supportive gym ever, Contours Taupo and that's when more changes started happening.

Now I am 19kg lighter than I was in Brisbane and healthier than I've ever been in my life. Health and fitness is my lifestyle now, and I've never been happier! I want to show people (and myself) that changing your body, although a slow process, IS possible with the right nutrition, exercise, and a little patience. I did it, you can too!

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