There was plenty of hot action on stage as the girls strutted their stuff in front of a huge audience at the Optimum Nutrition Fitness Model Contest at the NZ Fitness Expo on 13 and 14 July 2013 but what happened backstage?

Take a peek behind the scenes below during the Sportsmodel contest on day one below!

Day 2 Bikini and Results

Video! from Day 1 Sportswear round. See all the behind the scenes and stage action with interviews with the girls here

Athlete Profiles

People's Choice Award

The Judges!
There were 41 athletes and these judges were charged with the tough task of finding the Optimum Nutrition Fitness Model Athlete to represent Optimum Nutrition.
pic left to right: Dean from Optimum Nutrition Australia, Amanda Foubister, Nutritionist and former IFBB Fitness Athlete. Mark Landale, CEO Topmark Nutrition. Evana Patterson, Personal Trainer and Miss Universe NZ Pageant Organiser.
Warriors Team Nutritionist Lee-Anne Wann (far left) was also on the tough judging panel.  Organiser Lisa from Go Figure and Nic from Optimum/Topmark Nutrition

The Optimum Nutrition Model Contest Athlete Contenders
MC Suz Baxter with
Mel and Lisa L
Jessica, KT, Jules,
Ashley, Hayley, Juanita,
Romelle, Melody

 Maria and Mary Ann  Lovely Emmaline Chyrstie and Kendra
 Louise  Sarah, Maria and Sheena  Steve and Kate
Now which way do we
go on stage again? asks
Amy to Suz
Lisa G and Nats Mel and Andrea
 Emily and Sarah Athena Kate
Andrea and her trainer (left)
Even with so many girls Steve doesn't take his eyes off the phone.
Above, Chrystie and Kendra with the hunky Steve
Jules, Moseena, Abigail, Chrystie, Jessica.
Jamie the blur lol
Phillipina sisters
Camilla and Athena

Finally on stage!
   Check out the huge lineup of girls ready to heat up the stage!
Lucia and Louise Hayley powers out! Girl with Guns, Emmaline
 Jessica, Jamie  Ashley, Abigail  Ally, Shea


Girls brought back out

Jules, Lucia, Louise, Nats, Kate, Hayley, Aimee, Shea, Camilla, Chyrstie
 Kate, Hayley, Aimee  Jules, Lucia, Louise, Nats
 Shea  Camilla  Chrystie

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