OK sinners, if  you're going to be bad over the festive season then you must be prepared to pay some pennance with your body and sweat your calories away. Well you can't sweat fat but you know what I mean.  Below is a simple cardio circuit you can do now or post christmas to keep you on your toes.  So even if your gym is closed, you can still do something at home.

You can do these in a series of 3 exercises at a time.  Or continue from one exercise to another doing 1min at each exercise.

Happy training everyone!
Lisa, Go Figure 

Side to side lunges  Push Ups Bicep curl and push upwards
 Burpees  Spider Crawls Crunches


Sample Image
 Box jumps  Tricep Dips Rear lunges - can do without dumbells
   Sample Image  Sample Image
Butt blaster in pushup
Alternate Bicycle Abs Superman

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