WINNERS of Purefit Bars are:

Dianne Walker, Mose Petaia, Jemma Callaghan, Karen Stokes, Pete Siolo, Vanessa Moase, Hineruru Teia, Kim Yates, Cara Dee, C. Martin, Kim Kruger, Kat Hall, Sarah Calman, Bonita Wright, Lucie Thompson, Kaha Cassidy, Lisa Cameron, Luke Keegan, Janelle Taft, Stu Fordyce.

Your bar will be on the way to you to enjoy shortly!

  You may have read elsewhere on the site about these PureFit bars that I spotted at the recent Auckland Gluten and Allergy show, so I thought I would do a further review of the flavours and content.

These bars come with a lot of features which include:
* No gluten  * No dairy  * No wheat  * non melt  * no gluten
* non dairy  * non gmo soy  * no transfat 
* no artificial sweetners  * no hidden carbs

But how do they taste????!!!!
The base ingredients of these bars is soy protein, soy crisps, soy nuts, ground almonds and a blend of other glucose and natural juices and flavours.  If you're allergic or intolerant to soy then this bar's not for you!

Each bar contains roughly 26g carbohydrate (16g sugar), 18g protein and 6g of fat.  Its marketed like the zone bar following the 40/30/30 rule.  Purefit doesn't market itself as a protein bar but 18g is still quite good for a nutrition bar, although we thought 16g of sugar is quite high.  Sugar, whether its in from natural juices or other forms of glucose, is still sugar so make sure it fits within your daily calories.

This bar would probably be great after your workout or sport when you need a good food source which contains high sugar levels to replenish glycogen stores.

So onto the taste. First up was the Berry Almond Crunch.  Considering that soy and ground almonds form most of the bar, I was expecting it to be a bit cardboardy, but it was actually quite firm and chewy but wasn't hard to chew.  The bar tasted a little nutty but the berry flavour really comes through.  The bar was quite filling although it did taste a little flourey towards the end.

Chocolate Brownie was next down the hatch.  Being a chocolate lover, I was looking forward to tasting this. And this bar actually did taste like chocolate brownie, the chocolate was more like dark chocolate taste than sweet.  Once again good texture and filling.

Not a big fan of peanut butter or nuts in general but I quite liked the Peanut Butter Crunch.  It didn't taste overly nutty and had a tinge of sweetness.  Almond Crunch was probably my least favourite as it had a weird chemically after taste. I later found out that its a marzipan flavour.  Maybe it was too much almond for me as my stomach felt slightly sensitive to this afterwards.

Overall I think the flavours and the bars are fine.  Just be careful to eat them at the right times as the sugar cals can add up.

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