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ANB Asia Pacific Champs    
Overall Figure compare  Overall Men's Compare Overall Physique Compare
Top 3 Fave Kiwi routines
Ali G, Cathy O, Michelle D

Figure and Physique Compulsory Posing tips INBA Auckland Champs
Open Men, Stan and Mateo inteview


NABBA Akl Champs
Open Figure backstage and routines
NABBA Akl Champs
Top 3 shape routines
NABBA Akl Champs
Open Figure comparisons
NABBA Akl Champs
Overall Figure comparisons
NABBA/WFF Christchurch
Lisa Bailey Backstage and routine
NABBA/WFF Christchurch
Mark Anderson interview and routine 
NABBA/WFF Christchurch
Mark and Lisa compulsory poses
Charles Glass trains
Erena Young
Tribute to Colleen Sloane's
100th Show @ Manawatu
Backstage with Overall NABBA Manawatu
Winner Mark Dreyer
John Templeton's
Crossfit Workout
Lesley Rothera
Training and interview
NZ Grand Prix
Ellena Reidi backstage interview
NZ Grand Prix
Top 5 comparisons
NZ Grand Prix
Darlene Escano training 
NZ Grand Prix
Erin Stern training
Aus. Grand Prix
Figure Comprisons
Aus. Grand Prix
Backstage with Erin, Alicia, Raechelle
Aus. Grand prix
Darryn Onekawa
Aus Grand Prix
Dennis Wolf and Johnny Jackson
Aus Grand Prix
Boys pump up backstage
 Nuria Novoa training
1 wk before Arnolds
Richard Simmons
shares the love with aerobics
Richard Simmons
shares wisdom

episode 150
Cardio incorporating biceps
   episode 151
   Cardio circuit exercises

plyometric leg training
at Harbour Fitness




Kiwi rep Peter Hunt before
Masters Worlds, Dec

Kiwi reps Janine and Rick
before NAC Universe


Steve Orton, Junior Hunk

Physique Chic, Lisa Bailey
preps for NABBA Worlds 2011

Teneka Hyndman's
Record breaking year

NZIFBB Nationals
Moe announces
Darryn's Procard

NABBA Asia Pacific Champs

NZIFBB Nationals
16 October

Nuria's Fitness routine  Overall Men's Comparison        Daniel Hibbs routine 

  Lee Priest Guest Posing at NZIFBB Waikato and Coromandel Champs.

Click pic to watch

Justin Rys interview and
guestposing at ProFormance CNI, Sept  
Johanna Mountfort
Super Figure Year
Sanjeev Narayan
interview and training

Reuben Simanu at
NZ Powerlifting Nationals
NZFBB Overall Men's Comparison
5 June 

Videos from ANB Asia Pacific Champs, 29 May
Sportsmodel Class
Donette, Tory, Teresa
Novice Figure Short
Angie, Vanessa, Tracey,
Open Figure Short
Teneka, Sheryl, Karen
Kiwi Female Physique Classes
Julie, Suzie, Amanda, Delwyn
Irene, Donna, Tracey
Overall Figure comparison
featuring 3 Kiwis Karen,
Christine and Gladys
Open Figure Tall
Michelle, Donelle, Mandi
Overall Men Comparison Kiwi Men's Classes
Rede, David, Buck, Darryn,
mark, Jason, Wayne 

INBA Natural Classic, Auckland, 23 May 
Open Figure Compulsory Men's Overall Comparison  Open Figure Routines video
NZFBB Pan Pacific Champs,
Open Men and Figure
Flex Lewis thrashes
Triceps in NZ, May

Christchurch Grand Prix

  Annette and Neralee
Nuria Novoa's High Flying
Fitness Routine
Open Men's Comparison Backstage Interview
with Annette Gallagher

  NABBA Akl,
Teresa's Guest Pose 
Overall Comparison 
NABBA Akl,Backstage with
Aaron Kibblewhite
Garry Jones, Legstra-ordinaire
Australian Grand Prix
Kai vs Dexter
Australian Grand Prix
Top 5 
Australian Grand Prix
Lee Priest stage interview
Australian Grand Prix
Kiwis routines

Australian Grand Prix        
Kiwis Backstage and Kai     
Australian Grand Prix
Lee Priest Interview 

Lisa's TRX Bicep Challenge 

A glimpse @ Top Gear 

Fitness 15
Bootcamp @ 247 gym
progress results

Fitness 15
Jackie talks about her
23kg weight loss
Karen Montague's
Arnold Ambition 
IFBB Pro Mike Kingsnorth
Leg training before
Aussie Pro
Part 2
Mike talks about cardio, dieting
Body Pro Supump Challenge


Go Figure TV episodes 2009

Go Figure TV episodes 2008

Go Figure TV episodes 2007



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