Lisa and Esther

Esther Cronin, my client for the past 3 months, is one of NZ's Top Models and she has the exciting opportunity of working in New York amongst the world's top models in a few months. 

However, despite her already great athletic figure she was told she needed to drop more size from her booty so she fits into the measurement criteria required by overseas agencies.  

To me, there's nothing wrong with her butt.  Its actually quite athletic and I think she'd do great in the bikini class.  Perhaps I can talk her into doing a comp sometime this year if she's here.

I have certainly learned bodybuilding and modelling have alot more in common than I thought!

Check out the awesome results of her 3 months with me below.

Modelling and bodybuilding might seem poles apart at first but when you look closely, there is one common similarity in that they are both extreme in the way they have to achieve the look they have to achieve.   However unlike bodybuilding where judges don't come up on stage to measure your body fat, I've learned that modelling is all about numbers and how models have to fit the exact (or as close to) chest, waist and hip measurement as possible and they have to stay like this all year round. And the designers don't want any tone in the models' arms or legs.  No wonder some models develop eating issues!



So I was on a mission to help Esther learn good eating habits and understand what kind of training she needed to do to stay lean without sacrificing her health.

Before Esther found me, she was in a regime where she wasn't eating enough, did too much running and not doing enough weight training.  All this contributed to her metabolism slowing down and no weight change was happening.  She got stressed as nothing was happening and the more she stressed, her body came to more of a standstill.

At 5'9", Esther weighed 57kg so she was already light for her weight and it was going to be a mission getting her weight off as she didn't really need to lose it - in my eyes.  Plus, she needed to get size off her hips as that was where it all mattered.

Never fear, Lisa's here and I was up to the challenge of getting her as close to target as possible.  But was she?

Food. Esther was already used to eating protein but I suggested she needed to eat a little more regularly and especially after training.  Her diet is pretty close to a pre contest diet but not the same amount of protein I'd give to a competitor as she really doesn't need to hold onto muscle - which apparently is a detrement to a model anyway.


Training.  I don't think Esther knew what she was in for.  She hadn't actually been training enough sets and repetitions to cause her body to change.  So for the next 3 months there was plenty of jumping, lunging (sideways, up, down, backwards), squatting, pushups, chin ups to shock her body in to change. She trained her whole body 3 days a week, she'd train one day with me and the rest of the week she would train by herself with the programme I wrote for her.


At first she was a little wary of doing weights in fear of her putting on muscle but I soon beat that out of her lol.  She has developed great tone in her legs and shoulder area but we may have to flatten this out as its too much tone for modelling...go figure!

Here is a sample of one of Esther's training days:
3 sets, 12 reps
- Frog Squats with Burpees (20reps x 3)
- Spiderman pushups
- Side to side lunges with shoulder press (pic below)

- Superset: beginner pullups on smith machine + Squat with dumbell pull
- Step down lunges
- Superset: Squat and row + Tricep pushdowns

After every training she would do 20min incline treadmill walk or we'd go out and do more stairs/hills outside.


The Results
We had great results after 3 months of beating. Her weight and fat% went down while her mass stayed up and more importantly her hip measurement went down almost an inch!

                     16 Nov 12                  21 Jan 13
weight             57kg                         55.8kg
Fat %              16.49                        12.33
Fat weight        9.40kg                      6.88kg
Lean Mass       47.60kg                    48.92kg
Esther certainly wasn't the typical 'precious' model I was imagining a model to be. I loved her work ethic and wasn't afraid to get dirty and sweaty and do whatever it takes to get the exercise done no matter how painful it was.

At 18, she's showed amazing focus and dedication to her fitness and her job so I'm sure she'll represent NZ well on the world stage.  Keep up the fitness Esther or I'll be over to kick your butt right off the runway!

Love, your trainer Lisa x
22 Jan 13

Some pics of Esther
when she's not so

Esther's Thoughts

So I met Lisa for the first time about three months ago now when I had almost given up any hope of reaching my measurement goal which would get me overseas and working at a high level as a model.

The goal had been presented to me two years ago when my body was growing out of being a little girl and I discovered that I could, after all, not eat whatever I wanted and expect to stay that tiny.

Now, I am naturally very slim and anyone who would look at me couldn’t see where I had any weight to lose, especially all the health and fitness professionals that I was spending a fortune on and getting now where.

...And then I met Lisa Menzies, Guru of extreme fat burn. She understood exactly what I needed and didn’t look at me as if I’d lost the plot but said, “Easy! When do we start?”.

Three months, a lot of sweat, more aching muscles, and a whole lot of groaning later I’ve lost more weight than I have in two years. I’m not quite at my goal measurement yet, but I’m ever so close. It’s exciting!

Thanks Lisa! It’s certainly been challenging. You’ve kept me guessing about what you’re going to throw at me next (maybe a medicine ball, maybe an enormous dumbbell, or maybe just some more damn press ups!)

It’s been fun, and you’ve taught me a lot. I now have a solid understanding of how my body works and what it takes to make a great body amazing!

Esther xx  

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