Go Figure Award Winners
We presented the girls and guys with their awards and prizes from from Topmark Nutrition and Go Figure.

left: Teina O'Malley, Bodybuilder of the Year
Babe Brooke Vanessa, Angela (Transformation), Tarren and Brooke
Lisa and Vanessa (figure) Lisa and Kurt the Hunk of the Year

NAC Universe Result, 24 November 2012
Congratulations to Jess Coate who placed 2nd in a huge line up of 29 girls in the Shape Class.  Great effort Jess!

The rest of the kiwis Janine Haywood, Teresa Edwards, Susan Baxter, Paul Mountfort and Mike Smith battled hard and represented NZ well on the world stage but unfortunately could not bring more silverwear home.  Great effort anyway athletes!


NAC Pics
Jess, 2nd from left
Janine, 3rd from left
Susan, 1st on left


Musclemania Results, 18 Nov 11! Monty 2nd and Kym 5th in class of 22 in Masters Fig 45+. Ruth 2nd, Farah 3rd in bodybuilding. Rota placed 3rd.

Congrats Kiwis @ INBA Natural Olympia! 10 November

Rota Elliot got silver in open men's short
Kym Carter got gold in masters figure 40-49, silver in open miss physique, bronze in masters physique 40-49.
Farah Deobhakta got gold in open figure medium, silver in grand masters 50+, bronze in masters physique 40-49, bronze in open physique short.
Karen Montague got bronze in pro figure classic, gold in open figure classic one piece, gold in masters physique 40-49, silver in masters figure 40-49.
Ruth Naidoo got gold in open women's bodybuilding tall, gold in open women's physique tall and overall open women's physique.

Total medal tally: 6 golds, 4 silver, 3 bronze + 1 pro bronze + jacket + 1 overall with NZ national anthem!! WooHoo! Kiwis killing it!!!
NABBA Universe, Southport 3 Nov.  Steve Orton did not place in the top 6 in his class at the Universe.  Nevertheless we're sure he looked awesome and did a great job representing New Zealand on the international stage.

NABBA North Harbour Overall Winners
Janine Haywood, Figure.  Mateo Vaihu, Physique. Tarn Barge, Shape. Tony, Athletic

Joe Ulberg was awarded Pro card after the NZIFBB Nationals.

The following NZIFBB Athletes have been selected to compete at the prestigious 2013 Arnold Classic in Columbus Ohio:

Mens Bodybuilding: Garth VdM,Kenny O'Malley. Bikini: Jade Roxanne MacKinnon,
Mens Physique : Kurt Dell, Wael Banjar

Congratulations Nuria Novoa on competing at the Europa Show, Dallas 17 August!


Congratulations to Christchurch Figure Taylor Smith for winning the Overall Figure Title at the INBA All Female Classic in Melbourne on 24 June!

left: Taylor
right: Teneka and Taylor posedown
Teneka Hyndman won the International Figure and was up against Taylor for the Overall Title.  Teneka was also runner up in the Physique class.  Jess Coate competed in the Fitness Model class but did not place.  Well done kiwis!


17 June: News from the NABBA Worlds! Congrats to Lisa Bailey who placed 2nd out of 6 in the physique class. Apparently the winner was a 'big unit'. Kagan was 1st of 7 in the Juniors. Phil K 4th. Lesley was in a big class of 12 but did not pace, however we're sure she looked gorgeous as always. Well done Kiwis!!!


Congrats Lesley Rothera and Tom Wojcik for placing 3rd and 4th respectively in their classes at the NABBA WFF Worlds in Austria 9 June.

Congrats Kiwis @ NABBA WFF Southern Hemisphere, 27 May!
Well done to Annette Parnham who won her figure class and Overall, while Hamish Coulter and Richard Parnham placed 3rd in Class 3 and 4 respectively.


Happy Snaps from
Ronnie Coleman's Akl visit

Filex Expo Story and Pics.

Check out the action from the show
Filex Pics and Video here!

23 Apr: Congrats bikini athlete Jess Pendergrast on receiving her Pro card!  Her first contest will be the Pittsburg Pro on 5 May

NZIFBB Seminar 21 April.

The NZIFBB had a great turnout of 68 enthusiastic athletes eager to find out  about the NZIFBB classes.  We look forward to seeing these keen people reveal their bodies in upcoming comps!


Caught up with 2011 NABBA WFF National Masters Athletic Champ Tom Wojcik on 20 April at his 'Train Yard' Gym to see what he was up to this year.  He's looking lean and Tom says he's put on some good size in the off season but he'll stay in the athletic class.  Looks like his comp isn't too far away.

left: Tom and Lisa

NABBA Waikato Champs will be held at Whangamata Memorial Hall on 30 June!

The show will be organised by local hot bods Vanessa and Jason Bartley.  The cosy venue will hold around 290 spectators.  We hear they are organising some cool prizes and promise a good show around for athletes and spectators. 

The Memorial Hall is at 326 Port Road Whangamata. We'll keep you updated on latest news.

NABBA WFF Christchurch Grand Prix on 19 May is to be held at Chisnalwood Intermdiate. 

24 March: Congrats Jamie Onekawa on receiving her Pro Card from Moe Moussawi and becoming NZ's latest Figure Pro today!

2 March: Congrats to our gorgeous kiwi girls Claire Torr and Jess Pendergrast who represented us amazingly at the Amateur Arnolds! Claire was in a class of 23 in Figure Class D and made the first call out. Unfortunately she did not get the call out to the finals.  Jess strutted her hot bikini bod in a class of 48 and placed 4th!   Well done Jess and Claire!!!


18 Feb: Snapped! Ali Alkahdi and Hamish Coulter practising their figure poses at Flex Fitness Gym Hamilton.

Lisa with the the hunks of Flex Fitness Gym. L to R: Ali, Jake Campus and Hamish

                          Moe, Jess and Darren
4 Feb: Today we caught up with bikini competitor Jess Pendergrast for an interview and pics ahead of her Arnolds Amateur contest on 3 March. So watch out for that soon on site.

While at Xtreme Nutrition we were also lucky to see Darren Onekawa in action.  Well action on the treadmill at least!!!  He's keeping himself under wraps until the Aussie Grand Prix on 17 March.  
Darren is looking large at 124kg and leaner than we've seen him at that weight.  So hopefully closer to contest time he will be a little bit more revealing to us!  But he did get down to his singlet for Moe, check it out

In NZIFBB News NZIFBB President Moe Moussawi says he's looking forward to introducing new classes into NZIFBB contests this year.

These include: children's fitness, women's physique, male physique and fitness challenge (sorry will find out the correct name of this class). 

All these classes will be available at all NZIFBB contests.  We will have info on these new classes up soon


28 Jan:  It is with regret we report that athlete and personal trainer Hernan Lopez passed away on this day.  Although we only knew him briefly at the shows, his quirky personality and fun loving spirit was infectious.  We will miss his smiles and fun antics.  RIP Hernan.

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