Don't you hate it.  You're just recovering from sickness, in my case a cold, and you're dying to go to gym but you have no energy to train.  But you don't always have to train heavy when you go to gym.  You can ease your way back with an overall conditioning workout to remind your muscles that you're back to real training soon.  

I'm exactly in that situation so I've given myself a compromise workout which I'll share with you.  I still have no energy for cardio or to jump around but still want to feel my heart pumping and the feel of weights in my hand so put this workout together so I can feel almost human again.

This workout can also be used by a novice gym bunny as part of a 3 day a week plan:

                 3 sets 12-15 reps, light to medium weight

1 - Cable squat and row
2 - Spiderman pushups
3 - Dumbell lunge and press
4 - Undergrip pulldown
5 - Squat with round the worlds
6 - EZ bar pullover and press
7 - Dumbell curl with lunges

As you can see, its still a hard work out which incorporates all major bodyparts.

Happy training!
14 November 11

Squat and Row                  Spiderman pushup         Dumbell lunge and press

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