As weight trainers and fitness lovers, I know there's one thing we love  more than training - and that's eating!

So I'm sure you'll like this new feature product - the New Musashi Bulk Bar  - that I had the pleasure to taste this week. 

The bar was delish. Although I do wonder they called it Bulk bar considering it has 27.4g protein, which is quite high for a protein bar in the market out there.  

Thought they'd go with a name saying it was high protein.  In the 80g bar there's the 27.4g protein, 6.6g fat and a mixturef carbs and modified carbs. From what I see there's 9g total carbs. Sugars 3.4g.  Then in the modified carbs there's Polydextrose, 8.2g. Sugar alcohols; Maltitol 9.2g, Sorbitol 0.5g, Glycerine 0.6g. While modified carbs are metabolised differently in the body, they still contain calories.


One of the things that I'd always wanted to do is write a book, not a big book, but just put into solid form all the things I'd written on Go Figure. But alas I haven't had the time to do it.

Luckily someone has got their A into G and been very organised and written a great book on weight loss for women. If I were disciplined to write a book it would probably be something like what Dean Geddes has done. Dean, who's a nutritionist and PT at Les Mills city Auckland, has done a fantastic job putting together info in an easy to read way for us to understand.  

left: Dean and Lisa with his weight loss book

I usually have a chinwag with Dean when I'm in gym training and sound him out on various nutrition issues that I'm not sure about. So when I found out he's written a book, I had to check out what he has to say about his thoughts on weight loss.


This is where we're going to be review new stuff, test products like supplements, food, exercise equipment etc etc.  So if you have a product you'll like us to talk about and test it out, email me! This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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