Gosh its been a while since I've drunk out of a test tube, probably the last time was back in my Uni days experimenting with a few mixers but I can't quite remember what happened after that.  

Anyway! to the present and the 'Blue Rage' blue water of the New iSatori Energize Bullet which is locally distributed by TopMark Nutrition. The Energize bullet, which is marketed in a shape of a big 85ml test tube, is the next step from the Energize tablets which you maybe familiar with. In its liquid form, the energy formula is more readily to be absorbed by the body.

Tastewise, Energize Bullet tasted like a sweet and tangy cough medicine. The formula contained energy boosters Vitamin B1, B6, B12 and in their 'Propriety Hardcore Energize Bullet formula" contained formulation of caffeine, tyrosine 


For the past 6 weeks I've been trialling the super dooper New Balance supplement called 100% Pure Beta Alanine which is due to hit the market in the next couple of weeks. And let me tell you, you'll want to use it if you're trying to gain muscle strength and size.  No ladies, its not just for the guys as us gals can benefit from a supplement that can give us some extra oomph for weights and cardio too.

So What's Beta Alanine and how does it work?  I've written down the scientific wording for you brainiacs below if you want to know exactly how it works but I'll give you the Lisa simplified version. 

Beta Alanine is
a naturally occuring amino acid and it comes in powdered form in the container. Basically Beta Alanine increases the production of carnosine (carnosine is a lactic acid buffer).  If you can decrease the lactic acid build up between sets in your training session, you have the ability to lift/train harder and for a longer time. If you can increase the amount you can lift/push, then you have the ability to grow muscle which contributes to building your shape. Simple.
I was little adamant to take the first dose of Beta Alanine actually especially considering on the label it says you may notice some 'pins and needles' in the fingers. I thought 'uh oh' hope my hands aren't going to go numb and send me over the edge with itching from hives or something. I mean I love the tingly feeling you get from taking thermos and I imagine it would be the same with Beta Alanine.  



Lately my little sweet tooth has been knocking on my tastebuds. I've been good with clean eating for the past 5 weeks now and nothing sweet and gooey have passed these lips but its oh so tempting to just go and get myself a Magnum to fix the sweet craving.  But ofcourse being a good little gym bunny I've been good to resist the temptation to gorge myself with anything coated with chocolate.....

....until the good people at Horleys sent me a small parcel full of Horley's New Carbless Crunch low carb protein bars!!  now that's a food parcel too good to resist but I was fully under control!

So I have this sweet tooth and I was dying to try the New Carbless Crunch bars but I had to time my snack so that I was having it when I really wanted the sugar taste. As well as eating it early enough in the day so I could burn it off, as I'm meant to be dieting afterall!! 

I really wanted to have some after dinner but I knew that wasn't best option as having too much calories (whether from a bar or any other food) wasn't going to be effective for fat loss since I wasn't going to be burning it off.


  I don't know about you but I've tried most brands of thermos from local to American products like Hydroxycut, Hot Rox, Pitbull, Thermo dynamix and more I can't remember over the years. I haven't taken any for a couple of years because most give me a headache and get me more hyped up and anxious rather than feeling like anything is actually happening in my fat cells.  

I train and diet best when I'm happy so have avoided thermos that tinker with my nervous system too much as I'd like to be a good mellow mood without any drama.

Since Balance were sponsoring the starter kits for our 8 week challengers, I thought I'd better give them a go to make sure my clients aren't going to be too hyped up for their challenge and remain relatively calm throughout their challenge using the Balance liquid carnitine and possibly the thermoripped down the line.

I'm pretty sensitive and responsive to most things I eat, and have taken many types of supplements to know what's good or bad, so if the thermos and carnitine were going to get me too hyped then no doubt others will feel it too. So once again I put my body on the line to test the Balance liquid carnitine and thermoripped and so far with good results. I've maintained high energy levels when I work out and during the day and has helped my weight loss.  Read my 3 week Makeover Challenge update for more details


 Sample Image Just a quick snacksize review of the New Musashi WPI (whey protein isolate) protein powder that my tastebuds had the pleasure of tasting over the holidays.

Musashi has recently reformulated many of their protein powder lines and thank goodness they did as the last musashi powder I had a while ago was really hard to mix and I found it abit chalky! maybe that's why I haven't had any recently.
However, in saying that I'm glad to say their new formlation tastes and mixes alot better. WPI is a high grade protein powder and because of its purity I've found that I can handle it alot better than WPC. Being lactose intolerant, I find that if I have WPC I get abit sniffly and puffy so WPI, whether Musashi or any other brand that has WPI, I can cope with it quite well and don't get any stomach upset.

The new flavours are quite mild. I had the choc and vanilla flavours. The choc isn't too chocolatey and they both mix pretty well with my rice flakes or on its own as a shake after working out. Per 30g, Musashi WPI has 26.6g protein, .4g carbs and .4g fat so a good shake for weight conscious people and those dieting.

Lisa, Go Figure 

Chicken in a Can? Well I never thought I'd see the day when chicken came in a can but I guess if they can get tuna in a can then chicken wasn't too far away.  This product will be a godsend to many dieters and bodybuilders alike and I'm sure its going to help some of those who just hate cooking chicken...or anything else! with their meals and snacks.

Chop Chop Chicken is a new product which is sold beside the canned tuna. And I must've been at the right supermarket (foodtown Mt Eden) at the right time to grab a few of the shelves as these aren't available at all supermarkets yet I don't think.  So you could just imagine my delight when I saw these chicken in a can and what convenience its going to bring to me and my clients.  

Chop Chop Chicken comes in 3 flavours: smoked chicken, chicken in sea salt and chicken in light mayo.  I must admit I was wee bit sceptical about having chicken from a can and all the ramifications of eating chicken at room temperature.  Afterall chicken is one of those foods you have to cook thoroughly and store properly otherwise there's always the threat of bacteria growing in the food. 

But in the name of research, I put my body to the test....geee the things I do for you guys and gals! All the cans I had were 85g and they averaged 18g fat and 1.5 g fat, although the chicken in mayo did have wee bit more fat. I only had 1 can a day to make sure that each can wasn't going to give me any stomach problems!


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