2015 Bodybuilding Contest Calendar!


Results and Pics of NZ Athletes representing at:
* Natural Olympia
* IFBB Kentucky and San Remo
* Phil Asia Universe
* NAC Universe                   * Amateur Olympia, Gold Coast

NAC Universe Germany, 28 November 2015.
NZ Team Results
Janine Haywood Figure 40+ 7th
Out of the the Top 10:
Christine Henwood Physique Women
Tehezib Lathiff Athletic Tall
Melody Leung Shape 30+
Matt Rad Masters 40+
Christine Henwood
Janine Haywood

  Amateur Olympia, Gold Coast 28 November 2015
Congrats to Mateo Vaihu who won the Gold Medal in the u100kg Class!

Following his win, Mateo was awared the Pro Card.


Kiwis conquer at IFBB Pro Shows, 15 November 2015

Congrats to Myra Rogers who placed 2nd at the San Marino Pro Show in Italy.  Olya Lomakina competed in the Bikini Pro and placed in the top 10.

Scott Crowe won the Kentucky Pro on debut! Jess Coate also competed in the same show in the Figure Class but was unplaced in a large field.



NABBA NZ Team at the 2015 NABBA International Universe Championships!

Mr Universe PHYSIQUE - Sandy Bontuyan
Ms Universe SHAPE - Ruth Tae'iloa
Ms Universe PHYSIQUE - Christine Henwood
Mr Universe ATHLETIC - Kurt Brunton
Ms Universe FIGURE - Sarah Malthus
Please note the following NZ Team results are in alphabetical order:
Clint Ashburner -1st Masters 40+
Vicki Boswell - 3rd Physique 40+
Anthony Bowen - 3rd Athletic Tall
Kurt Brunton - 1st Athletic Tall
Nadene Chapman - 2nd Figure Tall
Alanna Clarkson - Shape (out of top 6)
Sasha Crafar - 4th Figure Short
Simone Davey - Shape (out of top 6)
Maria Dunlop - 5th Figure 40+
StefanGianni - 1st Junior
Coralie Goldfinch - Shape (out of top 6)
Christine Henwood - 1st Physique 40+
Simone Jarden - 6th Figure Short
Priyaanka Khatri - 5th Shape
Fabian Korzellius - 5th Athletic Tall
Manuell Korzelius - Athletic Tall (out of top 6)
Linnda Lelieveld - 3rd Physique Women
Sarah Malthus - 1st Figure Short
Donna Randell/Tonby Silverthorne - 2nd Mixed Pairs
Jeremi Musialkowski - 1st Grandmasters
Jessica Nelipovich - 1st Figure Tall
Ana Noble - 6th Shape
Audrey O'Keefe - 4th Figure 40+
Maria Oliphant-O'Donnell - 3rd Figure Tall
Donna Randell - 2nd Figure 40+
Tony Silverthorne - 4th Masters 40+
Ruth Tae'iloa - 1st Shape
Aaron Vaisigano - 3rd Physique Tall
Mandy Vine - 3rd Figure Short
Steve Ward - 6th Masters 50+
Tim Warren - 4th Junior
Marcie Webb - 4th Shape
Lisa Williams - 2nd Physique 40+

Team New Zealand for The Natural Olympia, Las Vegas, 14 November 2015

Peter Hardwick
Irshad Ali
Greg Bigg
BK Gideon Kang
Greg Mawson
Frank Carroll
Reilly Brown
Rota Elliott
Tony Small
Mahdi Tavakolirad

Karen Montague
Melody Leung
Sheryl Summers
Toni Eade
Jan Dixon
Judy Duggan
Julie Harris
Natasha King
Trish Davis
Kristi Sian Tungatt
Jackie Small
Kym Carter

Nicola (centre)

NABBA WFF World Champs, South Africa
10 November 2015

Congrats to Nicola Gray who won her class and went on to compete in the Pro class at NABBA WFF World Champs in South Africa last night.  Shout out also goes to Kagan Orton and Grant Pieterse who did an amazing job taking 2nd and 3rd place respectively at the same comp.

Grant (left), Kagan

This follows the amazing effort of Mark Anderson who last weekend placed 2nd in the Masters 40+ class at the NABBA Universe in England.

Well done kiwis, you did us proud!




Contest Calendar

16 May. Auckland Classic

29 August -
South Pacific Champs, Taupo

26 September -
Southern Lakes Classic, Queenstown

Club Physical Champs Pics


7 March - Arnold Classic,
Columbus OHIO

13 &14 Mar - Arnold ClassicMelbourne Aus

20 Mar - NZ Pro Am, Auckland

18 Apr - Counties Manukau

23 May - South Island Classic

16 Aug - Auckland Champs

26 Sept - Wellington Champs

3 Oct - Waikato Champs, Hamilton
10 Oct - Nationals
17 Oct - Northland Champs, Whangarei




14 Mar - Taranaki Champs,
New Plymouth

28 Mar - Wanganui Champs,

12 April - Counties Manukau, Akl

27 June - Waikato Champs,

11 July - Hawkes Bay Champs, Napier

25 July - Auckland Champs

1 Aug - Bay of Plenty Champs,
16 Aug
- East Coast Champs,
22 Aug - Christchurch Classic

6 Sept - Wellington Champs
19 Sept - South Island Champs,

11 Oct - Nationals, Auckland
24 Oct - NABBA North Harbour, Akl



22 Mar - Lee Priest Classic, Sydney

19 Apr - West Auckland Classic

16 May - Christchurch Grand Prix

27 June - Art Deco Classic, Napier

15 Aug - Top of the South, Nelson
29 Aug - Pan Pacific Champs, Akl

19 Sept - Wellington Champs
10 October - Nationals, Christchurch


INBA/PNBA World Champs, Dubai 14 June 2015

Congrats Ishrad Ali (picture) for winning the men's physique while Julie Harris won the masters women and Jan Dixon 2nd in women's open at INBA world Champs in dubai.

NABBA WFF Southern Hemisphere 14 June 2015

NZ rep Sue Bettridge just picked up 2nd in a quality field of 8. Coral Jane 3rd and Zoe (red hair) 1st. Nabba masters figure. Sue looked great but crazy seeing someone (coral) bigger than her!.

Grant Pieterse wins men's class 1 and overall! Well done Grant. We're still claiming u as kiwi

Thanks Mike Smith for the pics, we really appreciate it.

RIP Big Kiwi Justin Rys

Bodybuilder Justin passed away on 4 June at the age of 39 after a long illness associated with his heart.

He will be remembered for his passion for training and bodybuilding, and his big heart to teach others the pitfalls of his past.

Rest in Peace and we hope you can now breathe easy and enjoy many workouts without pain.




Kiwi Wins at Arnold Classic Amateur!
Congrats to the kiwis Katya Nosova, Olya Lomakina, Myra Rogers, Kurt Dell and Daniel Mazzola who mixed it with some competitive athletes at the Arnold Sports Festival in the weekend. Katya was the first kiwi to win her class at the Arnolds, while Olya also placed an impressive second in both huge classes. 
Katya                  Olya
Not much time to relax for the kiwis though as they have another weekend of competition at the Arnold Classic Australianext weekend which no doubt will also attract a huge field. Good luck to all!


Olya in Top 5                             Katya 3rd from right                   Olga 3rd from left


Myra Rogers in the Pro Figure Class


Daniel                       Kurt

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