The NZFBB North Island Champs are on next Saturday 27 June in Masterton. We found out from Terry Hills (who was up MCing the Akl Champs), contest organiser, that they'll be around 40 athletes commpeting. One of the athletes competing will be the President himself, Brian McFarlane, who will be doing the Masters 40 class.

Mike Debenham who guest posed at the Akl Champs will be continuing his posing tour and will also guest pose at Masterton.  He is also presenting a seminar. Busy man.



  The NZFBB North Island Champs are on next Saturday 27 June in Masterton. We found out from Terry Hills (who was up MCing the Akl Champs), contest organiser, that they'll be around 40 athletes commpeting. One of the athletes competing will be the President himself, Brian McFarlane, who will be doing the Masters 40 class.

Mike Debenham who guest posed at the Akl Champs will be continuing his posing tour and will also guest pose at Masterton.  He is also presenting a seminar. Busy man.

More info on comp here

  Click pic for Pics, Videos and Reports of the ANB Asia Pacific Champs.


  On the second leg of the kiwi girls roadtrip to the gold coast, some of the girls competed in the WNBF (World Natural Bodybuilding Federation). May as well, since they've worked so hard to get into shape!

This show was run quite differently to the ANB the previous day. Not only was this a one show format but also included class titles that were different too.

left: Ali sits back and relax in this one with Lisa



Johnson, Sadelle, Maureen
19 June

So did you all watch Maori TV last night? ofcourse you always have to wait till last to see the best things and our bodybuilding babes didn't disappoint.

When Maureen, Johnson and Sadelle first walked out and I saw Maureen and Johnson's faces I thought they mean business as that's the leanest I've seen them. You can always tell by their faces how lean people are and these guys look better than I've seen them even with their clothes on. 

I was hoping they'd get their gear off, even just in a singlet so I can see a little bit of their bods. So when Maureen and Johnson slipped off their trakkies and stood their in bikini and trunks to do their routine, I thought WOW! 

They are so brave to do this considering how secretive bodybuilders are. But you know what, with one day to go there really isn't much anybody can do to make drastic changes to their body. Overall I think what they did is great for the sport and they represented bodybuilders really well.

I was most impressed with Johnson.  Its the best I've ever seen him look and rocking some awesome abs!  Maureen ofcourse I knew would be Glam - MORE- rous and the hairpiece just topped things off nicely.  You guys were awesome and congrats on your work so far, alot has happened in 2 years!!! 

Look forward to the real deal on Saturday!


The NZFBB Auckland Champs Features:
* a $1000 prize each for the Overall Men, Women's Physique and Figure. 
* a new bikini class at this show and the Top 3 athletes in this class will share $1000.
* Jen Gates will hold her seminar at the Xtreme Nutrition Shop, Wellesley Street West, Auckland at 1pm Sunday 21 June. Cost $15

Akl Champs Poster details:
Athlete Registration: Friday 19 June, Xtreme Nutrition Wellesley St
11am - 2pm, 5pm-8pm

Contest Day 20 June. Prejudging 9.30am.  Final 5.30pm
* Guest Posers Moe Moussawi, Jen Gates, Mike Debenham
* Special guests: Shane Cameron, Raechelle Chase

Team from Samoa 
17 June.  Caught up with the Samoans at their posing session last night.  Brr it was cold in the gym but they were tough enough to get their gear off.  Suppose they have to get used to the cold as it'll be pretty brisk at venue on Saturday. As mentioned earlier, they're mainly in the junior and novice sections.  There's one guy (bottom right) who's pretty awesome.

On more fact finding, found out from Ali that she's made 9 bikinis and 2 trunks for the show. So the numbers are adding up to be a big show.  Ofcourse we are speculating!

  14 June 09
Trying to piece together some information about the NZFBB Auckland Champs is like trying to find chocolate backstage after contest ie there is none.
  So that is our conundrum.  Everyone wants to know who's competing and how many but no one's prepared to give us any information.  Go Figure!

As we already know this show is loaded with the best athletes guest posing ie Ms Olympia, Moe and Mike Debenham.  But I'm sure the crowd are also coming to see their friend or family members compete.  So who are they?

left: Sesa Tomuli 5 weeks ago
If we go by last year's numbers in which there were 40 athletes, we imagine this year will get similar numbers if not more.  The buzz is the show will be HUGE but no one is saying how many or who they are.  I guess that's just bodybuilders who like to keep themselves under wraps until they go to the other end of the spectrum and strip down to their bikinis and posing trunks on the day for all the world to see.  What is the difference between telling people they're competing today vs contest day? we'll just assume they are all shy.

From previous NZFBB comps, we'll speculate that we'll see more girls (figure) than guysUsually the novice figure and senior figure attract larger numbers. As we already know super athletes Sesa Tomuli (not sure which class she'll be in) and Maureen O'Connell will be competing in open. We hear Maureen is enjoying the changes in her diet and the effects its doing on her body.  Its been 2 years since she's been onstage so we can't wait to see her new look.

There's 3 in novice figure tall I know of Kirstine, Lisa H and Sadelle.  Gorgeous Bridget who competed and won the NABBA counties novice figure is doing the novice short class, I'm sure they'll be more in this class. Pretty sure there's a team coming from Gill's Gym in Taumaranui.  Really don't know of any physique girls, perhaps Tracey Frost, Denise McKenna and Julie Harris who competed at the ANB comp will give this one a go as well.

The guys is probably more hush hush than the girls!  are guys more scared to let people know.  Maybe they don't think they're big enough or cut enough?  who knows.  Actually I do know of one, Christopher Chase, Rachelle's man is getting up there and looking pretty good from what I hear.  Johnson, oops forgot your last name Johnson, Maureen's other half is competing too in the o90kg class.  He and Maureen will be doing couples together...awe lovely.

left: Maureen and Johnson. 

Perhaps Mr Nato will venture to Akl, if he does and if he comes in the form of his NABBA Nationals contest then he'll be unstoppable. Steve Rosenbaum who was looking pretty hot (should I say that about a 60 year old? but he is!) at the NABBA Counties so no doubt we'll see him on stage here so watch out the masters class. Probably biggest of the men's classes will be the masters, novice u80kg and u75kg, will we see some talent coming through in the junior classes too? 

But the BIG question is, will we see any real huge beefcakes with massive rippling freaky muscles?  apart from Moe ofcourse.

Then there's the new bikini class. On my last conversation with Andrew, he's helping Moe run the show, he said there's 15 girls in this class.  I wonder if Moe's helping them practice their model turns. We look forward to seeing this new class.

Since the NABBA Worlds were cancelled, I wonder if we'll see any of those athletes who were going to Spain get on stage at the Akl Champs? would be a shame to waste all that hard work.

All the above is just speculation so if you have some solid news about some athletes you know are competing then we'd love to hear from you. 

We have sent Moe an email but as yet no reply but I guess he's busy however we will endeavour to post up more news as they come to hand.

Lisa, Go Figure
14 June 09

p.s With all that said, we're sure this show's going to be a good one and with plenty of talent that'll be drawn out of the woodworks for the cash on offer for the overall titles.

Kat Hall

The NABBA Worlds which was to be held in Alicante Spain has been cancelled!  This news comes, today (11 June), just 3 days before most of the team are due to leave. Contest was to beld on 20 June. 

Our news came from Kat Hall who was understandably upset considering she'd been aiming for this since the Akl Champs in May. Tarren McCall, Tom Wojcik and Greg Mawson were also due to depart.
Tom Wojcik captured 3 weeks ago looking
lean and full

An exerpt of the team memo from NABBA NZ reads " It is with huge disappointment that we have to inform you that the 2009 World Championships has been postponed....After making contact with member countries, the primary reason seems, that most countries are feeling the financial crisis and do not have the funding viability to take large teams to competition".

This is the second time an International NABBA contest has been cancelled at short notice. Last one was the NABBA in Mumbai in 08.

Condolences to all the team.
from Go Figure
11 June 09

left to right: amazing cuts in Tom's quads.Tom going through his routine with Tony
Elle and Tony do static curls
with Alfie and Amy
The latest on Team Samoa member Eleanor Stewart is that she'll be competing at the Samoa Bodybuilding Champs 19 Sept and then going on to compete at the South Pacific Champs in Tahiti 1 October.  

After that, she'll compete at the IFBB Women's Worlds in Spain in the u55kg class. At the moment she's sitting around 58kg and has been going hard out with cardio...with pram pushing being her favourite exercise.  
Meanwhile our favourite sexy Dad, Tony Ligaliga, is starting his diet for the South Pacific Champs and then will guest pose at the NZFBB CNI champs in September. But in the immediate future Tony and Linni and the Twins are off to the UK for a 3 week pub crawl... er well Linni probably ha ha.  No doubt Tony will turn a few pasty englishman's heads when he walks into gym and throws around a few heavy weights.  Have fun Tony!  happy trails to all the family.
19 May 09


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