Paul's Happy Snaps from NZFBB Nationals


Video, Pics and Report from the South Pacific Champs, Samoa 



  We have happy snaps from the Coromandel Classic.
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Happy Snaps!
We have happy snaps from in front and backstage from the CNI show.  Thanks to Allen Stubbington for his handywork front of stage and Big L for the candid snaps.

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Here are some happy snaps from our man at the NZFBB Sonny Schmidt Classic. From what we hear there were 34 athletes and by the looks of the pics, the show was dominated by guys! 

Sorry we don't know who's who, and which classes they are.  If you're in one of the pics or know which classes are below, please email and tell us. 

For more pics of the Sonny Schmidt comp and video of Tony Ligaliga's (and fellow hunk Joe Fepuleai's) posing routine go to:

Women's physique 


Here some pics from the figure Pro Am.  If anyone has pics from the guys' classes feel free to email them to us! Thanks Karyn Kelly for these below.
For more pics from Pro Am go to
6th Emma, 5th Janine, 1st Annette, 3rd Kym, 2nd Karyn, 4th Michelle 
Go Figure and our viewers want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Allen and Maree Stubbington for happy snapping these awesome pics from the Olympia weekend  - and sending them back to us so quickly!

It looked like a great weekend full of amazing bodies and freaky bodies. And that's what we love about bodybuilding.

New! Mr Olympia. Dexter Jackson has been Jay Cutler to take out this year's title. Check out the pics at bottome of page, including some of Moe.

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Maree at the Expo


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