Australian Grand Prix pics

Here's some action from the Melbourne Grand Prix held in Melbourne on 14 March. In the end, 9 Pros competed at the event including our very own young gun Grant Pieterse. 

Probably it was already a forgone conclusion that Kai would take out the Australian Title to go with his Arnold Classic win. Final results were: Kai Green 1st, Silvio Samuel 2nd, Toney Freeman 3rd, Mike Kefalianos 4th, Ivan Sadek 5th.  Also competed: Rusty Jeffers, Grant Pieterse, Con Demetriou, Oscar Tua Dexter.

The Girls,
Rhonda Bryers was in a class of 2 in the figure class - which Rhonda won.  While Helen took out the physique title against fellow kiwi Jenny Morris - again it was a class of 2.  Where were the Aussie Girls??!  maybe they knew the kiwis were coming and piked out!!  Figure pics courtesy Vicki Hansen at Physique girls pics courtesy Allen Stubbington.

More Backstage Happy Snaps



   Pics, Report and Videos of
NABBA Auckland Champs

Right: Shape and Nov Fig vid!

Our videos are also available on
YouTube @
  Sample Image    Sample Image  Sample Image

Open Fig girls
Jacquie and Kat

So cute!
2 yr old pumps up
with her Mum,
Jolene Morris
Boys Boys Boys
Pump up
Open Athletic
Open Physique


Here are pics from the NABBA Souther Hemisphere Champs held on 24 May. Kiwi Lucie Thompson placed 3rd in a tough line up of 8 physique girls.  She said she was very happy with her placing since the girls on stage had alot more years of training under their belt.  Well done Lucie!

Thanks to the Stubbingtons for the pics. We had quite a mission downloading them but here they are. Enjoy.

Click read more to see.  Sorry we don't know the different classes or names. 

Lucie (middle) 



    Above: Mark Anderson
Open Men winner

Left and Below: Masters.
Tom Wojcik #17
   Men's Qualifer, Dylan #23  


2009 Country Classic Invitational

Women's Novice Figure
1.Lisa Phillips
2.Brenda Milne
3.Danielle Harrop

Men's Novice
1.Mark Grech
2.Andam Van Spange
3.Nicholas Fearon
Also competed Simon Karajas, Jordan Hare-Brown, Eddie MacGregor

Men's Masters
1.Robert Reed
2.Matt Nicholson
3.Wayne Wilson
Also competed Nigel Engel, Paul Stephens, Peter Gringel, Blair Loveday, Tony Haranas, Tom Wojcik & Michael Gregoriou

Women's Open Figure
1.Dianne Hunt
2.Mandie Ritchie
3.Clare Ross
Also competed Michelle Witomski & Hayley Bertram

Men's Open Qualifier
1.Ian Walles
2.Mick Dittman
3.Dylan Stephens
Also competed Rick Brennan

Men's Open
1.Mark Anderson
2.Jason Bednarz
3.Mike Nysten
4.John Agyei
5.Eddy Tannorji

Iron Mike Memorial Award : Matt Nicholson

It looks like being another great show.
Competitor numbers are up and ticket enquiries are stronger than ever.
This year’s show will have something for everybody I think.

• Dust off your moccasins and get out your black T-shirts - Australia’s best AC-DC tribute band “Thunderstruck” will open the show with a couple of classic Acca-Dacca hits.
• Mr “Freestyler” himself, posing superstar Michael Faba will be our special Guest Poser. Wait until you see his routine.
• Nick Jones and Charlie Duca will do a 2hr “FREE” seminar before the show. 11.30am – 1.30pm. Everyone is welcome.
• My good mate Vin is donating yet another amazing “Fully Framed” lucky door prize. In keeping with the AC-DC theme it will be a massive “one-off” collector’s item frame valued at over $1,000. Entry is free with every seat purchased.
• Tanman has purchased a $600 Seiko watch to give away for the “Iron Mike Memorial Medallion”. This is for the competitor who epitomises the true spirit of Aussie bodybuilding. This is a regular tribute that is in memory of Iron Mike.
• The CCI is an official fund-raising event for Breast Cancer Australia. We are honoured to be able to do this and ask that you bring a few spare $$$ and support this worthy cause.
• The Men’s Open Winner will be featured on the cover of HCAM along with a 7 page interview.
• All the usual prizes, medallions and Championship Belt will be on again as well as our unique lighting and stage theatrics.
• The After-Party is a great chance to catch up with everyone after the show, so I hope to see you all there.

The classes and running order are as follows.

Charlie Duca/Nick Jones Seminar (In the Banquet Room).
Thunderstruck Opening
Novice Figure
Novice Men
Masters Men


Michael Faba Guest Pose
Fully Framed crowd prize
Open Figure
Open Qualifier
Open Men
After Party

I have been a bit late getting out Entry forms so please email me if you are still waiting.
There is still time to enter, so email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

There is still time to sponsor the show too.
There are sponsorships packages from $250 - $500 still available, please contact me if you are interested.

It’s with great pleasure that I announce that Ben Crowley at Bioflex is this year’s Naming Sponsor.
Well done Ben, I’m rapt to have you on board as this year’s Naming Sponsor.

Seats are not available at the venue yet, but you can purchase them through me anytime.
They are $55 each and are “fixed allocated” seats.
First in gets the front rows, but it is tiered seating so you can see from anywhere in the theatre.

For more enquiries, email me or give me a call on 0422 416 768.
I hope to see you all in Bendigo.

The CCI has only 4 classes for Men. No Height classes & no Weight classes.

Open, Open Qualifier, Masters and Novice.

There are two Women's classes. Novice Figure and Open Figure, which makes six classes in total. 


Here's a treat for all you fitness and figure girls out there!

Jennifer Gates, Ms Olympia Figure 2008,  will be here on the week of the NZFBB Akl June show on 20 June. She'll be doing a seminar/bootcamp but at this stage the venue and bootcamp details are being finalised.

More than likely the seminar will be on the sunday 21st after the Auckland show.

We'll keep you posted on details as they come to hand.

right: Jennifer Gates


NABBA International Results 16 May

Congratulations to Tarren McCall and Neralee Montague who did exceptional at the NABBA International on 16 May in Melbourne.  Tarren competed and won then sen o 35 figure class while Neralee placed 2nd (in class of 2) in the Open Figure.  The winner of Neralee's class whent on to win the Overall.

Below are a few pics of the show.  For more go to

above: Neralee, right

Overall Figure winner 
Tarren, far left, in battle for overall figure

Neralee and the Overall winner

  Pics, Video and Report of the NABBA Christchurch Classic and Asia Pacific Champs.

Video features chat with Suzie Patrick, Physique women line, Rowena Marcaida, Athletic Men, Physique Men and chat with Oall winner Shane Elsey.  Click here



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