Overall Figure Comparison
 Overall Men Comparison
Open Figure

Click above pics to see the video action from the exciting Overall Figure and Men comparisons.
Watch Lisa vs Marlene vs Ali vs Janine in Figure.  And the huge line up of Men.

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  Club Physical Bodybuilding Champs, 29 August
Pics here!


New Pics
Here are some more pics from the NABBA Hawkes Bay.
Thank you so much to Sian and Marty from Sunnygymz for the pics.

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  Overall Figure Comparisons (left)
Watch Janine, Karen and Linda in one of the tightest comparisons for an Overall!

Mel's Shape Routine (right)
Loved the ensemble of the featured bikini and cuffs which made Mel's Shape Tribal routine.


Video!  Jamie Cameron and Naera Johnson's routine that got the crowd clapping.  The had no choice!  A technical glitch made the music stop but being true professionals, seasoned bodybuilders Naera and Jamie did their routine to the beat of the audience clapping.  It was fun! 

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Clarence Street Theatre, Hamilton

Athlete Information: Check In 10:00am - 11:00am;
Briefing 11:30am. 
Judging starts at 1:00pm - $15;
Evening Finals start promptly at 6:30pm - $25. 

Tickets available at all Ticketdirect Waikato outlets - Door Sales Available on the day.

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The Bay of Plenty comp is back and has set a pretty high standard for itself, thanks to the super organised Marty Niao. There was lots of positive feedback from athletes and audience alike saying how they enjoyed the show for its efficient and meticulous attention to detail.  All aspects of the comp didn't get overlooked. There was plenty of room and weights to pump up with backstage.  Noticed lots of marshalls backstage letting athletes know when they're up next and with their help, everything ran on time.  All athletes and staff all had passes made up for them so everybody know who's who.  
Lisa and Marty
I was chuffed with my pass!
The prejudging started spot on 1pm and the keen country audience were there half an hour before the show to enjoy this unique opportunity to some hot bods on stage.

There were 40 athletes compromising lots of men!  not too many figures. A couple of surprises in the figure class. Wendy Sole, a hardcore physique competitor, turning her hand to the figure class and won the Sen Figure 35+!  Also a successful return to stage was Diddy Allan who last competed about 2 years ago, taking out the Overall Figure Title.   
Marty, Tim and Darren with Dan the Man of the moment

It was great to see the awesome physiques of Naera Johnson and Moira lavender-Ashburn posing down in the open class. Naera had the mass but Moira probably just edged Naera out in condition. The showdown between these two will be a sight to see at the Nationals! so hope they both go.

The talk of the show was probably the physique of young Junior Male competitor Daniel Amos from Rotorua.  When he walked out on stage with the Juniors, the whole audience got a big surprise with Daniel's physique as it was hard to believe he had all that size for a 23 year old!  Daniel's been under the guidance of Darren Onekawa, a seasoned competitor, so he had a good start to his weight training life.  Dan won his class and eventually went on to posedown against Stan Tautalanoa. And what a sight it was.  As you know Stan is an awesome poser but Dan looked like he's been posing for years and did a great job taking his time.  And eventually took out the overall title.

The other hunk who was a pleasure to watch was Jamie Cameron who did the couples with Naera.  Jamie's always in great shape, not bad for a guy who only trains 3 times a week.  But he obviously is meticulous with  his diet.  Making up team LA Muscle was Matt Clark who returned with great athletism in the Open Athletic Class.  Greg Mawson needed some competition and Matt was very close to edging him his pedastal.  Maybe next time Matt!

All athletes received some fantastic protein goodies and all left smiling and happy after the show, which incidentally finished by 9.30pm. Early enough for everyone to go back to 'Where Else' for drinks and a mingle.

Below are the happy snaps from the show, enjoy!
See you at Waikato this Saturday and we'll do it all over again.

Lisa, Go Figure

p.s We videoed Dan pumping up and asked him a few questions so we'll have that up soon. 

Senior Figure    
Wendy Sole, 1st Sen Fig
Chantal, Shape winner
Novice and Open Figure    
Diddy, only one in Open
Masters, Novice and Open Physique
Masters Physique
Naera and Moira in Open
Rose (left) Nov Phys

  Couples Winner
Naera and Jamie

Teenage and Junior Men    

Teenage. Junior Men 

Novice Athletic    
Masters 40+    
   Masters 60+  

Masters and Open Athletic Tall

Roy, far left, Masters 
Matt and Greg, Open
 Novice and Open Physique    
Stan, the only Open Man
 Overall Athletic Comparison. Overall Physique Comparison  
Overall Men's Posedown    
Stan 'the man' Tautalanoa vs Dan 'the Jnr Man' Amos

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