Summer Body Starter

I know, I must be crazy talking about getting a summer body when we're in the midst of winter and we have horrid weather outside. But this is actually the perfect time to get your body ready for summer and the season of shorts and short sleeves. Why? as by the time summer's here it'll be too late to get yourself into the summer clothes you'd love to wear. So if you're looking for ways to slowly getting into that summer 'feeling' and ease yourself into a 'diet' then here are some hints you can do to kickstart your metabolism before you get into a serious clean eating plan. Sample Image

Eat balanced meals. Mix protein with complex carbohydrates or fibrous carbs as this
will keep you proper balance and to keep your energy level high and constant
throughout the day. Also don't forget to add in Flax/fish oil at your main meals.


Powerlifting Plan

Since we are highlighting Ali Gascoine and her super powerlifting powers in our video, I thought we'd feature powerlifting in the Super Body Guide. Incorporating a powerlifting phase in your training regime may increase your strength and muscle size, and if your goal is to build muscle then powerlifting could be what could give you a physical and mental boost in your training.


Powerlifting is all about sheer strength and its not 'pretty'. The programme has less variety than bodybuilding, especially in a pre contest powerlifting phase, with all focus going towards lifting as much as you can in the 3 lifts Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift.

During the offseason, powerlifters train like bodybuilders in that they train 4 days a week and include a lot more variety in their training but as a contest approaches the reps and sets are lowered and resting time increases.


Join Super Body Programme here!

Sample Image Go Figure's Super Body Personal Training Programme by Lisa Menzies is an individualised programme which aims to help you achieve your fitness and fat loss goals. Lisa will work out an eating and training plan for you, and give you ongoing support throughout your journey. She'll also introduce you to other 'Super Girls' to keep up your morale and together you can keep each other on a winning track.



In this update I thought I'd talk about a new fandangled piece of gym gear called the 'Gymstick' from the ever innovative Finnish people. I first saw this in Australia about 6 months ago and thought wow how cool and then when I saw that it was being distributed in NZ, I thought great as its a good little bit of gym gear for those who want to workout but don't go to gym but want to start somewhere.

I think its also great for other PTs who want to take their clients outdoors and want to take some equipment with them but don't want to lug around a big gym bag!

Lisa and a Gymstick


So what's a gymstick? no, its not just a dynaband on a stick!! that's what I thought but after working


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