Red's Attraction


What is it about the color red?

Love, lust, and passion just don't seem to fit the same with any other color and now, studies prove it. According to researchers in Rochester New York, wearing this fiery shade can make any woman more sexually attractive.


In the first experiment, photographs of women were simply framed in color or white. To make sure that color was the only variable, colors were equated in saturation and brightness levels. Daniela Niesta, co-author of the study, explains, "That way the test results could not be attributed to differences other than hue." Men viewing these photographs were simply asked to rate their attractiveness.

In the second study, researchers took this a step farther and digitally altered the color the women were wearing, using identical photographs. Again precautions were made to ensure only hue was the only variable - however in this study, men were asked to not only rate the women's attractiveness, but to answer questions regarding the men's attraction to them. Questions included how much they would like to kiss them, how much they would like to have sex with them, and how much money they would spend on a date with them.

In each experiment, whether wearing the color or simply framed by it, women became significantly more attractive and desirable to men when they used the color red. However, women who were asked to rate the same photos showed no preference for any color.

Whatever the reason, women wearing red were more attractive to men, more likely to be asked on a date, more desirable kissing partners, and men were willing to spend more money on them. That's good news for ladies. It seems a boost in your evening is just a clothes change away.


Can you think yourself thin?

  Our guest writer is Kristy Thomson!  Kristy is a personal trainer at Les Mills Christchurch and has been a competitive figure competitor for almost 10 years. She gained her pro card in 2010 and is competing at her Pro debut at the IFBB Australian Grand Prix in March '11. 

You can find out more about Kristy at, in the meantime read what she has to say about using your brain power to conquer your body.

Can you really think yourself fitter?

If you pretend you have confidence in your ability, that self-created illusion will generate the chemical signatures of those feelings inside your body.  I have always believed it is very important to have that mind and body connection. With all the bodybuilding shows I have competed in, I have always done a lot of positive self-talk. 
Sometimes, no matter how hard you train, how many different programmes you try or how many personal trainers you hire, you just can't reach your goals.  It's a frustrating experience, and it's where sports psychology can help.  By examining your mental processes (both conscious and unconscious), a good sports psychology book can help you develop and use techniques that retrain your mind. With the right mindset and the ability to stop emotions interfering with your training, you'll be amazed at what you can achieve.

A great book to read is John Kehoe’s "Mind Power".  It teaches you how your mind can play tricks on you. We have two parts of the mind, the "inner mind” and the "outer mind".  For example, while driving the car, in your outer mind you are thinking about driving the car, but in your inner mind you are thinking of the conversation you had on the phone to your friend yesterday.  The book teaches you how to switch your mind to thinking about just one thought.  This is very important in weight training and also in weight loss. 


Surprise Salt Risk: Weaker Bones

 Sample Image Calcium Loss 17% Higher on High-Sodium Diet

Ask anyone what's the main health risk of too much salt and the answer you'll likely get is the obvious one: high blood pressure. Indeed, scientists estimate that a mere 15% cutback in salt intake could translate into nearly 9 million fewer deaths caused by hypertension related complications. But research has identified other potential salt-related health risks most folks don't know about. One of the more surprising ones: weaker bones and potentially higher fracture risk.


The most filling food for dieters


If you're on a diet or you've ever been on one, you know full well that hunger is the enemy. This force tempts you away from the healthy foods you know you should be eating, and into the charms of a chocolate cake. Hunger, you rascal!

The catch point of dieting is precisely this: though eating less will lead to weight loss, the longer you ignore the hunger signals of your body, the longer it will take for hunger to subside when you do start eating - which easily leads to overeating and sabotage of your weight loss goals.

The trick is to pick your foods carefully, choosing foods that provide the greatest feeling of satisfaction for the calorie content. Now, research is revealing which foods do this best.

Among studies surrounding this subject, one from the University of Sydney "The Satiety Index of Common Foods" is probably the largest and most detailed study available. In this study, researchers gave their human test subjects 38 different foods, each in 220 calorie portions, and then recorded the subjects' perceived hunger levels after eating them. Three aspects were found to most positively correlate to feelings of fullness - protein, dietary fiber and the strongest correlation, weight.

Here are some of the most satisfying foods per calorie and their daily value of nutrients per serving:

• Bean Sprouts - Fullness Factor 4.6

o Vitamin K (43%)

o Vitamin C (23%)

o Folate (16%)

o Manganese (10%)

• Watermelon - Fullness Factor 4.5

o Vitamin C (21%)

o Vitamin A (18%)


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