Matt Clark's Sexy Cardio Idea, June 2012

Sex for Cardio?
Bored of the same cardio routine?
Do you ever wonder how much calorie burning you really get from your cardio?

Does your slogging away on the same old boring bit of equipment really get you lean and mean in the fastest or most interesting way?


Smell More. Eat less

You know odor can affect hunger. Certainly, an awful smell can make you lose your appetite! But since inhaling putrid stenches is not our idea of a fun diet, we were delighted to learn that mouth-watering aromas might also help moderate food intake.  



Get happy with Water


A Better Mood May Simply Be a Sip Away

After a particularly exasperating experience, it's common to quip, "I could use a drink!" That may be true -- as long as you reach for water, not wine. A fascinating study recently published in the Journal of Nutrition found that dehydration may be messing with your serenity.



Caffeine and Estrogen



Morning Brew may lower - or raise - hormone depending on race

90% of American women drink the caffeine equivalent of one to two cups of coffee daily. While consumers are acutely aware of caffeine's impact on energy levels, probably none are aware of the stimulant's impact on estrogen levels.

Indeed, research is just uncovering the complex, yet significant, relationship between caffeinated beverages and hormonal balance.


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