" Over the last few weeks Lisa has been fantastic not just because of the diet/training plans I've been given but she is so easy to chat to and let her know when you are struggling or having a teary day and want to quit - thanks Lisa I so appreciate the fact you said you would help me reach my dreams and goals x" Read More

Sarah Mitchell
" I started Lisa's 8 week challenge and proceeded to eat clean, exercise and drop over 5Kg's. It literally changed my whole attitude to life, gave me heaps of energy and made me fit my old 09 clothes! Even the no alcohol, no morning latte was a piece of.... Um.... cake?! I felt virtuous and was enjoying a clear head (once the caffeine detox headaches stopped!)" Read more

Penne Clayton
" I have been training with Lisa for 6 months after never working out with a personal trainer before.  I was used to exercise but not being pushed by someone else.  I found Lisa's energy and determination to get me in shape was enough for me to abide by her rules and kick into action. 

I was very appreciative of Lisa's honesty when she told me I was a skinny fat person and that was enough for me to make the effort that has been life changing for me.  After surrendering from my cheese and chocolate addiction,  I am now training at a level that I never thought possible and am in the best shape of my life.  You have been amazing Lisa so thank you." Nat Hammond, Jan 09 Read More

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