12-dubai-10mar0246 copy What is Dubai like? Well its like as if Aliens (who love to build and go shopping) thought 'oh that's a nice space in the dessert, let's drop our buildings and megamalls down there and we can just keep building up and out.' 

That is what Dubai is like...well to me anyway!
My Mum and I were on a 2 day stopover in Dubai on the way to London and we tried to get a feel for Dubai in the 48 hours we had there and I think we did well cramming in all the culture and sightseeing in the short time.



  Went to Venice and visited Muscle Beach
where we saw all sorts training there.
Including this guy below who was quite comfy
training in very brief (and see through) pants.
Ofcourse had to make the pilgramage to the Mecca, Gold's Gym Venice Beach.  
Bumped into Aussie Figure Pro Arina Manta while training at Gold's  
 Coconut Water is the new thing  Eggs Galore Wouldn't it be great if shoes
also grew in eggs!



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