I had never been to Manila but I imagine the city would be similar to Bangkok but with more chaotic traffic and lots more people.  And I was right.

But what a great experience it was!
With friendly local
bodybuilders Jay and Rowena
Hole in the wall gym in his house.  True hardcore!


Watch this fun strongman
routine in video below

I've been told that the Australian Fitness Expo during Filex Weekend was HUGE and a must see.  And they were right!

There was plenty of Fitness, Fun, Food, Fashion and serious muscle during the 2 days and there was something for everyone in various fields of the health and fitness industry.

Lisa with Flex and Shane





alt Hard to believe I'm back from my 3 week holiday and what's harder to believe is that I didn't put on any weight while I was away, woohoo!  

Yes I totally surprised myself when I stepped back on the scales after my holiday in Dubai and London to be the same weight (60kg) I was when I left. 

I was expecting at least 2kg gain and I would probably be ok with that.  I certainly felt abit of an oompa loompa and softer not having worked out regularly during the 21 days I was away. I didn't try to diet while I was on holiday but rather try to stay in the eating routine I was at home. 

You could easily get carried away with a 'relaxed' mindset eating everything in sight and eating things that you don't normally do which would lead to weight gain...and a gutache!
In this article, I thought I would give you some tips on how you could maintain your weight while still have a holiday away from it all.  So if you're going away on a long haul trip and a decent time away, and don't want to come back with extra 5kg baggage around your belly, read on...



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