From the crisp clear morning, continuing into a warm and sunny day and ending with a still moonlit night, Auckland produced a perfect day for the opening of the Rugby World Cup opening on 9 September. 

A day that I was so proud to be a kiwi when images of our beautiful country was  beamed to millions of people around the world giving them a glimpse of our spectacular scenery and culture. 
A day when I was truley surprised at how many people live in Auckland and decided to pour down Queen Street and on to the waterfront to celebrate the start of an amazing event.  Auckland actually felt like a city, alive and buzzing from the excitement ahead.  Downtown Auckland felt like Times Square minus the neon lights but it was very kiwi.  People really got into the spirit of the event with many proudly wearing their country's colours.  And even Hare Krishnas.  I know right, they're everywhere no matter what event, they're there always celebrating and giving the crowd a lively beat to dance to. 



Lisa goes to share
the love with
Richard Simmons
Lisa goes to the
Biggest Loser
Let's get Kranking!
New fitness class
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Lisa Gives TRX Training a Go!

Lisa Gives Pilates a Go!

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Lisa Gives Hypnotherapy a Go! 

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Lisa Gives Vietnam a Go!

Click here to smile and put
some zing in your day with
Richard's unique fitness class
  Richard's Shares his wisdom

Mac Users!!!  Watch the Videos @ GoFigure's YOUTUBE channel here

Wearing one of his
outrageous headpieces
The last time I did an aerobics class was probably about the last time Richard Simmons was on TV. So a long time ago!

I remember him as an exhubarant, colourful (in clothing too) and passionate person who was all about getting the couch potatoes off the couch up and moving. 

There was no one else like him then or ever will be.
Richard gives a Big Hug
Go Figure Girls band together
One of many hugs he gave out that day
We were gaga for Richard!

When I found out he was holding a fundraising aerobics class to raise money for the Christchurch earthquake at Les Mills, I was going to be there with my headband to see if he was as outrageous in person.

As soon as Richard entered the reception at Les Mills the whole room lit up and you couldn't help but infuse a dose of his happiness and smile along with him.   He was super friendly and went round the room saying hi and hugged everyone and got pics taken with them.  If this was an insight to how the class was going to be, we were going to be in for a great time.

When we finally got up to the aerobics room, he went round the room again making sure everyone was happy and ready for the fun hour ahead.   

Richard was a rockstar with
his backup dancers
At 62 years, Richard Simmons is in great shape. Sure he's slightly smaller than he was 30 years ago but he still had tone in his arms and legs were pretty good too.  And talk about fit! He led the class for almost an hour with his backup dancers helping behind him - what a rockstar.

As you can see by the video, his class was all about fun and you didn't even realise you were exercising. He would wear different accessories to the songs and brought on members of the audience to workout along side of him.  His steps were 'old school' and I remembered them from when I did it years ago.  But it didn't matter.  We were all having a great time sweating it out together.

Underneath his outrageousness is a serious message he's been preaching for the past 30 years and that is love.  And love is what Richard is all about.  He loves people and he loves what he does with a passion.  He loves fitness and loves to affect peoples lives and help them be better people through fitness. Most importantly he teaches them to love themselves. 

At the end of the class, Richard sat on stage and talked to us about his past and how had to battle compulsive eating at a young age.  When he was in 8th grade he was 200lbs.  By the time he graduated high school he was almost 300lbs. Tried many ways to lose weight so people would like him. He took diet pills to taking 30 laxatives a day. Began throwing up when he was 15. At 19 he starved himself for 2.5 months and lost 137lbs and ended up in hospital with alot of medical problems.

The turning point in his life came when he was at the hospital when a nurse said to him " do you want to live or do you want to die because at 19 you're heading in that direction".

From there Richard turned his life around and ditched his high paying marketing job at the age of 20 and started a little studio in Beverley Hills helping overweight people get active. This led to an acting job on a soap opera, then infomercials, then his own show and the rest they say is history.

He is busy today as he was when we saw him on our screens.  He travels 200 days a year travelling the world promoting health and fitness to diverse groups of people from fat to fit...and the disabled.

I am so glad I went along to meet him and got infected by his energy and lust for life.  His magnetic personality and the big heart he has for everyone he touches was just awesome to see. Not only does he bejewel his clothing with gold but he has the gold heart to go with it. 

Thanks Richard for giving us a dose of your unique happiness during such a tragic time in NZ.

love, Lisa xx

p.s Bookmark this page and watch it when you're having one of your low days or just come back and watch the video of his class.  The perfect pick me up to get you happy again.  Just the way Richard wants you to be!

You must watch this video.
It'll motivate you.

Must Watch this Video!
Richard's Inspirational Speech on Life and Fitness

This video section of his speech he gives us some life tips on how we can be better in life and health. 

He is an amazing speaker and I'm sure you'll find the 1st minute just as meaningful as me.


Rob Fyfe and Phillip Mills

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