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I was only meant to go check out how Kirstine Nelson was looking ahead of her NABBA Waikato show at Bodywall but somehow I got roped into actually doing Bodywall.  And let me tell you, it's harder than it looks!
Although I only did a couple of exercises, those 1min sessions sure get the heart racing while triggering the core and muscles that don't get activated, fire up.  The exercises on the Bodywall  identifies your weak points and these usually present themselves within 20sec of the exercise.  I have weak hamstrings and I felt how weak they were in the simple squat and bicep curl movement. 

Sure, its hard but it was also fun!  Kirstine has been doing it for a few weeks now and its really helping her get stronger in the gym and getting much leaner in the abs.  Read about how she's finding it as part of her fitness regime below.


Bokwa instructors
Kath and Roz
FREE class this Monday 25 June, 7pm at Kelston Community Hall.  Just follow the signs!

I went to BOKWA the other day with Donelle Petelo.  Yes sounds like a country but its actually a new aerobic class that is very unique and fun. 

Bokwa newbies
Donelle and Lisa

BOKWA is derived from a combination of two words. "BO" represents the light boxing and "KWA" representing the cultural and traditional dance Kwaito, hence, BOKWA is born from South African origins. 


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