Environment Gym Hunks
'Lost Pics'

Michelle Laurin, Dec 10
Michelle has been busy dieting and training hard for the past couple months to compete at her first Pro show early next year. As you can see she is leaning up nicely with muscles already popping out!  We'll keep you posted on her progress.
Thanks Paul for the pics!

  Congrats to Peter Hunt who placed in the Top 6 at IFBB Masters World Champs in Turkey on 11 Dec 10. Peter said there were 17 in the class and it was by far the toughest year yet. He made the first call out of only 4 competitors and that was it.

Well done Peter, you done us proud!

Watch and read more of Peter in Hunk of Moment Here
Raechelle Chase features on the cover of International Oxygen magazine with American fitness personality Jamie Eason out in NZ on January 1 2011.  

Results from NAC Universe Saturday 27 November, Hamburg Germany 
Janine 7th, Jennifer 9th of 12 in Open Figure
Kym 9th, Farah 12th of 18 in Senior Figure
Steve 12th  of 21 in Athletic Short
Rick 16th of 21 in Athletic Tall
Well done to all the Team!


Go Figue TV!
Click above pic to watch
Rick and Janine train before NAC Universe


Here are the prejudging pics of Raechelle Chase competing at Fort Lauderdale Pro in Miami 21 Nov.  Apparently Raechelle didn't make it to the night show. We'll have the full story on that soon!

We think this is probably the best Raechelle has looked, especially in her legs.  Her condition was great and it would've been interesting to see where the judges placed her. 

NABBA Asia Pacific Champs
on Raro TV
  Wonder Woman Lisa Bailey'
World prep

  Congrats Teneka! Teneka Hyndman just keeps going from strength to strength.

Following her great results at the INBA Universe last weekend,  Teneka also won the Open Physique and placed 2nd in the Open Figure classes again at the INBA Natural Olympia in Reno this weekend!  What a great year she's had.

In addition to the wins, Teneka also one of the 'Special' Awards at the Honours Ceremony - 2010 INBA Star 'Most Symmetrical'!

Congrats also to Dieter Horn, 1st Super Ultra Masters and Tim Moore, 3rd Open Men Medium. Pics courtesy Muscleimaging.com


Placings -2010 Fit 4 Life Body Building Competitions at Kings Theatre Stratford, 13 Nov 

Teenage Men.    1st Shaun Burrows. 
Junior Men.         1st Logan Kennett. 2nd Cohan Jenkins. Masters Men (over 40 yrs). 1st Phil Wysocki.
Masters Men. (over 50 yrs). 1st Paul Adams.
Masters Women. 1st Jacqui Wright. 2nd Keri Bryant. 3rd Carol Gooch.
Novice Men.        1st Johno Singfield.
Novice Women.   1st Sonya Gernhoefer. 2nd Joen Lim.
Senior Figure.      1st Farah Deobhakta.
Open Women.     1st Jan Dixon. 
Open Men.          1st Shane McNab. 2nd Steven Batchelor. 3rd Joel Lim.
Couples.              1st Carol Gooch & Johno Singfield.
                            2nd Joen Lim & Joel Lim.
Miss Figure Taranaki. Farah Deobhakta
Miss Physique.     Jan Dixon.
Mr Taranaki.        Paul Adams.

Check out the comps pics at http://www.trodge.smugmug.com/ Click on 2010 Bodybuilding comps

Congrats to Teneka Hyndman who won the Open Physique (Figure) and 2nd in the Figure (cat walk and quarter turns) at the INBA Universe in Hollywood 6 November! 

Teneka, 1st Open Physique

Teneka, 2nd Open Figure

    IFBB Men's Worlds, Baku Azerbijan 3 November. Congrats to Daniel Hibbs who placed 5th at the Men's Worlds. Supry Sos placed 15th. Sanjeev unfortunately had issues with his transporation and arrived late for his class. Consequently he didn't have time to put tan on properly and ran straight onto the lineup. We feel for him after going all that way.

left: pic of Rosa Maria Romero with NZ team Supry, Daniel, Moe and Sanjeev. Pic courtesy Rosa!

The monsters Phil Kuklinski was up against at the NABBA/WFF Universe 30 oct. L to R: 1st - 5th
More Figure and Physique Women's pics here. Far right: Overall Figure

  Congratulations Phil Kuklinski on placing 5th (in line up of 16) in the Masters 50 class at the NABBA/WFF Universe Southport, England 30 October.


  IFBB Aus Nationals, Country of Origin
27 October update:
We have been hunting high and low for information and/or results from the IFBB Country of Origin that was held in Sydney on 24 October.  We think everybody had their phones off over the weekend as we didn't hear boo from anyone!  But we didn't give up as we really loved to know what went on since there was going to be a great 'battle' between the aussies and kiwis in the origin as promised in the event poster.  
We spoke to Eleanor Stewart who was there with her team of boys from the Environment Gym which included Alex Brown, Naki Rasmussen, Puli and Chris Gooch.  She said she was happy with how all her boys performed considering they were up against bigger Aussie boys. However, while all the boys did compete against the Aussies in the various classes, they were disasppointed that they weren't actually judged against them.  The kiwis infact, competed against other kiwis in the same class so they didn't really go up against the Aussies at all.  For example, Chris was the only one in his class but was on stage with the Aussies. He won his class but the Aussie athlete also won the same class. Go Figure!

This scenario also played out with the kiwis who competed in the figure and physique classes. The kiwis who did win their classes did go through to participate in the Overalls at the end of the contest on Sunday, however none of the kiwis took that out.  We assume this was the 'Country of Origin' part.

Interestingly, the kiwis didn't weigh in with the Aussies at their venue but at a gym venue by themselves. She said her and the boys enjoyed the trip and said the show ran well.  She also appreciated that Mark had organised accommodation at a great rate for them and gave each athlete $250 Aus each to help with expenses.

We reiterate that this isn't an 'official' report but Elle's thoughts on the show.  If there are athletes out there who'd like to contribute with their opinion, feel free to email us!

Lisa, Go Figure
27 Oct 10.

Figure Masters.

1st  Lauren Mc Lellan - Christchurch.
2nd kaye Perry - Tauranga.
3rd Lynette Skeats - Christchurch.

Open Figure Short.

1st Lesley Rothera - Auckland.
2nd Linda Harrington - Christchurch.

Open Figure Tall.

1st Karen Montague - Matamata/Tauranga.
2nd Karyn Kelly - Christchurch.
3rd Donna Randell - Dargaville/Tauranga.

Bikini Models.

1st Kalle Howlett - Christchurch.
2nd Sabine Guidon - New Caledonia.
3rd Simone Jarden - Christchurch.

Masters Women Physique.

1st Debbie Otten - Christchurch.

Open Women U55kg.

1st Erena Young - Auckland.
2nd Belinda Muller - Tauranga.

Open Women O/55kg.

1st Kaye O'Neill - Tauranga.

Open Men U/70kg.

1st Naki Rasmussen - Auckland.
2nd Pule Sakaia - Auckland.

Open Men U/75KG.

1st Christopher Gooch - Auckland.

Open Men U/85kg.

1st Alex Brown - Auckland.
2nd John Lougheed -  Auckland.

Open Men U/90kg.

1st Paul Ah Kuoi - Auckland.
2nd John Roberts - Samoa.

Classic Men.

1st Lee Lynch - Christchurch.


Results: Raechelle Chase did not place at The Houston Pro, Texas - October 23rd. She's now aiming for the "    " show on 24 Nov.  

Congratulations New Pro Athletes!
17 Oct update: Sanjeev Narayan and Darryn Onekawa who was awarded his card at the Nationals.

Results of Kiwi athletes competing at various venues around the world on 16/17 October:

NABBA/WFF Australian Nationals, Sydney where 110 athletes competed:
Congratulations to Annette Gallagher winning NABBA Figure Class 1 and taking out the Overall Figure Title!
Richard Parnham placed 3rd in tough field of 6 in NABBA Class 2.
Hayden Thin placed 2nd in NABBA Class 1.
Steve Quinn placed 2nd in Masters.

South Pacific Champs, New Caledonia:
Tony Ligaliga 1st u80kg, Deb Teiho 1st o57kg and Overall. Dean Teiho 1st masters men o45, Farah Deobhakta 1st Figure Short

ANB Australian Nationals: Karen Kissel, 1st Senior Figure,  3rd Cathy Orevich
Julie Harris (not sure of placing). 

Ali G Gone Wild @ Body Art Awards 2 Oct

This amazing bodyart was created by Ali's very talented teenage daughter Ghissy!! In pic Ghissy is right of Ali with Teresea Penfold the face make up artist.

In the far right pic below Ali's with Kylie Merwood.


28 Sept: NZIFBB Nationals Qualification Clarification
There seems to be alot of confusion in regards to what shows are NZIFBB National Qualifiers.

Please note that the illegally organized IFBB Country Of Origin shows held in Auckland, Christchurch and Tauranga are NOT qualifiers for the NZIFBB Nationals.

Your next qualifying shows are:

South Island Champs 3rd October in Christchurch
Waikato and Coromandel Champs 9th October in Hamilton

Please refer to www.nzifbb.co.nz for NZIFBB show information or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Bronwyn Inglis
NZIFBB Vice President

In reply to the above statement, the organisers of the ProFormance CNI would like to state that 'our show is not "illegally organised" it was a privately promoted show where the IFBB Australia invited us to use our show as a qualifer for the Country of Origin.   Our show was not affiliated or sanctioned with the IFBB Australia or South Pacific.  And we made it quite clear from the beginning that it was not a qualifer for any other event in New Zealand."


South Island & Pro Formance Tauranga BB Championships Report:

Hi Everyone & Bodybuilding Followers. On the 25th September 2010, The South Island BB Championship Promoted by Mike Debenham & The Po Formance CNI BB Championship in Tauranga Promote by Kaye O'Neill & Darrel Schumaker were held on the same weekend.

Both Championships were attended & contested by over 120 Competitors. Both Events were sold out at the Finals with both Prejudging three quarter full. Well done to Mike, Kaye & Darrel.

I had the privilege to judge at the Tauranga Event & it was great to see so many Competitors, Sponsors & Audiences supporting & getting behind Kaye & Daryl.

The feedback I have, the South Island was also the same. It shows that when you have fantastic Promoters promoting BB events to give & treat Athletes, Sponsors & the General Public what they deserve & with respect, they will show up in force.

I had a pit of time to speak to some Athletes, Sponsors & Audiences and were all overwhelmed with Kaye & Daryl's event.

I will now have some work cut out to repeat what these great Promoters did with their events.

South Island & Tauranga event gave out some fantastic prizes including athletes selected for trips to Australia.

I personally would like first & foremost thank Mike, Kaye & Daryl for their hard work, dedication & promoting such fantastic & most enjoyable BB Events to be associated with.

I would like to thank all the Athletes for getting behind, competed & in supporting these great Bodybuilding Event Promoters.

To all the Sponsors that help these three Promoters to host such unique BB Events, thank you all for your kindness & your sponsorships.

To the Audiences, what a great turnout to both Events. Thank you all for your support not only to your family & friends that competed but your show of appreciation to the Promoters & Sponsors.


We will look forward the Harbour Fitness BB Event in Auckland 9th October at the Auckland Girls Grammar.

There will be more great prizes & trips on offer for the Athletes to Aussie.

Take care & wishing you all the very best.

Mark Stewart

Auckland Event Promoter.  

23 Sept: Its with sadness that we report that South Island and New Zealand bodybuliding figure and our Wonder Woman Nola Tonks passed away from her long battle with Breast cancer today.  You can find out more about Nola's fighting spirit here.

  24 Sept 10. Posing Practice.
I love this time of year when everyone's getting in shape for lots of shows as it gives me plenty of opportunity to do happy snaps of contest ready bodies.
Sanjeev, Michelle, Rick, Lisa

Yesterday I caught up with some pretty hot bodies who were going through their posing practice. Michelle Dixon was helping a few of Rick Ujfalussy's clients with their posing for their first comp.  Then Sanjeev Narayan and Erena Young wandered in later so ofcourse I 'encouraged' them to show us some of their poses.  As you can see they're looking lean mean and ready to show off their best at their respective contests. 
Thanks for giving us a glimpse of how you're doing and let me take happy snaps guys and gals!
Lisa, Go Figure
24 Sept 10
You hard work paying off Erena!


20 Sept: Marc Rainbow jailed.  Incase you haven't heard or seen the NZ Herald, they've reported that former Bodybuilder Marc Rainbow has been jailed for 5 years for selling steroids.  Go here for more details  

Samoa Nationals Pics Here, 11 Sept Results: Tony Ligaliga, 1st o80s and Overall. Fatu Su'a, 1st u80s. Debbie Teiho, 1st physique and Overall.

Bodybuildingbikinis.com (starfish) swimwear back in business.
Are canterbury girls tough or what?! Glenda and Tracey Flower aren't letting a little earthquake get them down and they're picking themselves up to get back in business. They'll be working from home to finish off all the bikinis needed for upcoming contests. Good on you girls!  They can be contacted at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it '; document.write( '' ); document.write( addy_text78745 ); document.write( '<\/a>' ); //--> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Talent Spotting, 16 Sept.  We spotted more athletes at the Environment Gym who are shaping up nicely to compete at ProFormance CNIs. L to R: Alex, Puli and Chris, Tufi

  Check out Muscleimaging's Earthquake Pics here!

NABBA Sth Is. News
Due to the earthquake on 4 Sept the NABBA South Island show in Christchurch did not go ahead as the building was off limits due to cracks in roof. There was also no power or water.

Shake but not stirred
About 15 athletes were
in good spirits for a group pic 

29 Aug: We heard the NZFBB AGM was on today? let us know if you know what happend that we should know about. You know?
  22 Aug: Talent Spotting

We've spotted more talent at the Environment Gym. This time its Puli (left) who's looking lean mean as he prepares to compete in the Proformance CNI Champs in Tauranga on 25 September.  We believe there's around 7 athletes from the Environment competing in this comp and no doubt the show will attract plenty more athletes from the Bay of Plenty region.
  Congrats Kiwis at INBA All Women's Show Melbourne!

Congratulations to Kara O'Halloran and Johanna Mountfort for winning their respective classes and Wendy Sole who aplaced 3rd at the INBA All Women's Classic on Saturday 10 July in Melbourne!

Pics here

2 July: Here's an update of pics from the NABBA/WFF Worlds. As you can see Neralee came in even more leaner and harder condition than she did at the NABBA/WFF Christchurch comp.  Neralee says she's now going to take 2 years off to grow.  Enjoy your break and time back with your family Neralee!
Neralee 6th      1st and Overall        2nd                  3rd

20 June:
Congratulations to Neralee Montague who placed 6th in Figure Class 2 at the Nabba Worlds yesterday. In what has been described as a very tough line up of 12 women - Neralee and her husband Ben are very happy as her competition were very impressive. Neralee has done so well in her first showing on an international NABBA stage and we are all extremely proud of her results. Once again Neralee - well done!

Nabba/WFF NZ. 

16 June.  Just wanted to allay any fears to athletes competing at the the NABBA Waikato show. The show is still ON so athletes you can still keep training hard and look great for the show! Teresa Edwards tells us there's a big team from the coromandel/Thames as usual and also some athletes from Matamata are giving the Waikato show a go. 

NB NABBA Shape girls. Reminder that you're not allowed to wear hot pants or a short skirt over your bikini during your routines. Props are fine.

10 June: Shelly Resigns  It is with shock and surprise that we received an email from Shelly Boyes saying that she has resigned from organising the NABBA Waikato Body Building Championships scheduled to be held in Hamilton on Saturday, 31 July 2010.

Shelly, a long time Waikato promoter and NABBA executive, went further to say that she has "also resigned from her various portfolios and responsibilities with NABBA New Zealand, including the organisation and promotion of the forthcoming and future Waikato Body Building Championships, effective Monday 24 May 2010."

Shelly has been a fantastic and efficient organiser of the Waikato show which has grown and grown over the years.  We are truely sorry to hear that she's decided to resign and we know athletes will miss her big personality!   

  ANB Asia Pacific Champs 29 May 10, Gold Coast. Contest Pics

ANB Asia Pacific Champs, Gold Coast. Lead Up

Rachelle Chase has placed 13th at The California Pro. There were 19 girls and all received placings.

Results from Kiwis at NABBA/WFF International, Melbourne 23 May.
Neralee Montague won her class and the Overall Figure title..and $2000!  Tom Wojcik won his masters class, Louise Palmer placed 2nd while Niki Taylor did not place. More pics of comp here


  Gone but not forgotten.  The IFBB Masters Worlds were held in November 09 but we haven't forgotten that a couple of kiwi lads made the trip to compete with the big boys.  We've finally tracked down some pics of Brian McFarlane and Peter Hunt who competed at the show. They looked pretty sharp too.
Brian McFarlane and Peter Hunt's excellent Polish Adventure at the
IFBB Masters World Champs November 2009.
Thanks to Brian for the pics.
Brian and Peter
    Brian placed 12th in the Masters 40 class while Peter palced 8th in the Masters 50.

  4 May. Flex Lewis Seminar and Training Pics and Video

1 May: Greg Mawson won the Overall Physique Class at the Dubbo International.

Greg (right) in comparison for overall 

Sesa Tomuli Pics from IFBB Pittsburgh Pro 1 May 2010
Sesa placed 16th in a class of 20. 
NZ's other Figure Pro Raechelle Chase is competing at the California Pro on 29 May.

* NABBA Wellington News, Apr here
NZFBB News, April 2010 here
* Congratulations Peter Hardwick who has been inducted into the INBA Hall of Fame
* Australian Grand Prix 10; Report. Videos. Kiwis Pics.
* Australian Grand Prix 10; Kai wins.  Prejudging and Finals Pics
* Australian Grand Prix 10; Kiwis and Pros arrive. Pics at Dohertys Gym with Pros
* Arnold Classic; Kiwi girls and Pro pics. Kai Wins
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