Assessing your physique
As a novice or even a seasoned competitor will know, one of the things you learn pretty quickly after competing in your first bodybuilding show is the need for assesment of your physique before, during and after each show. Granted, as bodybuilders or figure athletes you're constantly critiquing your physique anyway right?! you think your legs could be more cut, your biceps could be bigger, maybe your biceps are too big or you think you're lean when in fact you could still lose a few kgs.


Go Figure Supergirls
Heidi and Jill

Continuing with our Novice Guide to bodybuilding contests, I know its been some time between articles, but here is the final instalments for those novices still worried about what to do in the final countdown!

The next step after getting your body in super shape is to get an entry form to the show. To do this check out the contest poster of the show you want to compete and then get details of the contest organiser and get an entry/registration form from them and return the form at least 2 weeks before the contest. Or contact NABBA, NZFBB or INBA for further details.

Once you've sent this away, you have the registration, tanning and contest day to deal with! In this update we'll deal with the tanning and registration. Yes there is alot to do so read up!!

What you need to paint up - without the mess! You'll need to start putting on your undercoat ie dream tan spray or pro tan on your body at least 3 days before contest. So if you're competing on Saturday, put on a coat on Thursday night, and 2 coats on Friday.


Here we are, the final instalment of your contest journey, your contest day. Your heart's racing with nervousness and excited at the prospect of showing off your hard work on stage. It's quite easy with so much going on in your head to forget a few things as you rush off to your competition. So here's a few things for you to tick against.


Day of comp you'll need the following
Food: Be sure to pack a container of goodies to have during the day.
Water bottle: Sip on water
Money: For registration and entry fee ($45)
CD with your posing music on it
Heels: if figure athlete Posing Costume
Dream Tan / Dream Tan spray / ProTan / Foundation/ make up
Pump Up Gear: Weights, towel, dynabands
Grooming Paraphoniae: Foundation, hairspray, needle, thread comb, mirror, razor, make up, hairspray, bikini bite etc.
Extra clothes: Few shirts, comfortable cloths, etc.
Jandals (optional): To keep bottom of feet clean
Towels (2-3): to wipe your hands and feet



At many shows we notice that some athletes tend to over rotate to the front of stage in the quarter turn - when their body and head should remain focused to the side of stage.

So in an attempt to help you understand what the judges mean and make the judges a wee bit happier in the process, we had former Go Figure Supergirl Sheta Hall modelling the poses for us. In hindsight I should've asked her to bring heels to pose in. Oh well, hope you get the jist of what we're trying to get at anyway.

NB. I am the first to admit that I'm not a judge or a posing 'guru' but I've seen plenty of shows and posing, so I've tried my best to portray what the judges want. I realise some of the poses below may not be exact so please don't shoot me! But judges, feel free to email and correct above or write any pointers about the poses.


Click pics to enlarge



Post contest nutrition and training can be just as challenging on you mentally as your pre contest phase. After your competition, you celebrate by enjoying all the foods you've been starving yourself for in the last 3 months. You hoe into your 2nd packet of Toffee Pops, your second Pizza or McDonald's. This binging is probably ok as a celebration meal after the show but when it becomes a habit the week or two weeks after competition - it could turn to be a problem for you psychologically.

 Sample Image The contest year is over, your tan has faded but your hunger is still there. No not hunger for the limelight but for all the 'treat' foods you promised yourself you'd only have after your show. But still after 3 or 4 weeks or even months, you still overindulge.  We realise its probably a little late but the issue of post contest nutrition is still an important topic for those who have competed or contemplating competing, and its an issue you should prepare for as part of your contest plan. 



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