Continuing with our the “NABBA/WFF” explained theme, I decided to get the inside perspective on what it's like to compete on a NABBA/WFF stage-as explained by one of the federations top current athletes;

Mark Anderson (
2011 Southern Hemisphere overall champion and 2nd place Mr World 2012), who is pictured here with Steve Orton -reigning NABBA WFF Mr NZ and Eastcoast muscle athlete!  
Mark gives us his insights on why he decided to compete NABBA/WFF in the first place, his personal gains/highlights and advice to other athletes considering competing in a show.


  2010 was the year that NABBA/WFF first appeared on the NZ bodybuilding scene, and although it seems as it's come out of nowhere, it's an affiliation of two federations, each carrying it's own history.
Pic: NABBA WFF NZ President (left) Dave Smith with Graeme Lancefield International NABBA WFF Presdent.
Helping NABBA/WFF garner attention is the fact that some of NZ's top athletes have already strutted their stuff on the NABBA/WFF stage. Like many others curious athletes I wanted to find out more about this federation, it's history, philosophies and just what was attracting the athletes.


I often get emails from people who are interested in competing in a bodybuilding/figure show and wondered how much the whole process would cost.

So I thought I would breakdown the cost of the expenses you'll need to incur based on a 12 week contest prep.  Now best to sit down and read this as you might fall down from the figures displayed!

Competing is not cheap but for many the investment is worthwhile when they see the new body revealed on stage.  Afterall its going to be the best you'll ever look and you can't put a price on that!

Heidi and Lisa
right pic: I prepared Heidi to compete via my online Super Body Personal Training programme which helped reduce Heidi's competition costs.


Well the big day has arrived and it's your turn to show everyone what you've
been up to over the last few months. Here's some tips to help you enjoy this amazing moment and look forward to it with anticipation rather than dread.
I think the best approach is to think of the things that can go wrong.
Prepare yourself for the worst case scenario and then what have you left to fear?


Ruby of Ruby Waxx
Beauty Therapy and Richie Hardcore

at his virgin waxxing

You've put in hours in the gym getting into great condition so you can finally step on stage in your best shape ever.  You want to take any advantage to make your abs look more ripped and legs have those extra freaky lines.  Shaving or waxing can help your definition shine through. 

But shaving your body can take a long time so guys, have you thought about waxing?


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