Yoko Washington is off to compete at the Pittsburg Pro this week Jamie Onekawa was up in Auckland so we thought it was perfect timing to do a IFBB Figure Posing video!

left: Yoko, Lisa and Jamie
right: Yoko and Moe
As you can see Yoko's looking great and looks a little leaner and fuller than her debut at the Melbourne Pro in March.  Check out the pics and vid below and you might see some going gah gah over little Aaliyah too.


  "In the eye of the beholder"
by Sarah Parr
After months of gruelling training and seemingly endless days spent dieting, the competitive bodybuilder finally steps on stage.
Lining up next to other hungry hopefuls, all there for one purpose and to find out one vital thing- who will be taking home a top ranking?
The power to dictate the outocme is bestowed upon the judges, a power that is soberly balanced with great responsibility.
And while I've always held to the theory that the only athlete ever truly satisfied is the winner- it is understandably natural to be curious about the reasons for your placing.

So let's sit down on "the other side of the long white table" and get a not-often heard perspective from judge and athlete, Greg Mawson.


Ali, Lisa and Gina
There's going to be alot of flash sparkly gorgeous bikinis (and bodies) strutting around the stage this year if the sneak peek of Ali G's bikini designs are anything to go by at her extravaganza at the Botanical Gardens held on Sunday 24 March.                  
Rachelle, Jess, Jo

Around 40 people got the chance to see some of Ali's new designs and sequinned suits which were superbly modelled by athletes Rachelle Vincent, Jess Coate and Johanna Mounfort. Who we must say are in great shape for so early in the season. The crowd 'oohed' and 'aahed ' as the models came out in the various cuts for figure and bikini classes.

While the athletes changed their bikinis, Ali gave the floor to Cheryl Jenkins from Shine Beauty who spoke about tanning. Cheryl kindly spraytanned Rachelle and Jo for the day while Sheta Swinerd did Jess's tan.  In another intermission, Gina talked about make up and her services on contest day and yes, even the photographer was pushed into talking about the our website and the Go Figure Pasta :)


Made 10 years ago, the Go Figure Contest Preparation is a Classic and is still relevant to today's contests as the principle of posing is still the same.

Posing is what bodybuilding competition is all about. Afterall what good is a great physique if you can't correctly display your best body parts to the judges? This video gives you the extra edge you need to pose confidently and correctly.

On Sale now in our Shop for $29!



Since the last time we did a summary of the female bodybuilding classes in NZ years ago, so many new classes have popped up so I thought it would be a good idea to give you an overview of what's available to you and your bodytype in New Zealand right now. 

There are many options for you to choose from whether you're complete new to bodybuilding and taking up competing as part of your new body makeover or a seasoned weight training athlete challenging your body to step up to another level.  One of these classes is for you!

This is just a general overview of the classes so please if you require more information about the classes and posing involved please contact the organisation directly.


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