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While the official name is Men's Physique, we prefer to call it the Men's hot class as the look is more towards beach body than the usual physique class. 

Nevertheless, athletes in this class still need to train hard.  They have to present a symmetrical body with good muscle mass but don't need to come in as lean as bodybuilding class.  However they have to pay more attention to their grooming and show plenty of charisma on stage while showing their stuff. 

As this is a new class, we thought it might be a good idea to show you the step by step guide to how guys should pose in this class.  For further info on how to perfect the poses contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


  With the bikini class gaining so much interest in the NZIFBB, we thought we'd ask IFBB Pro Nuria Novoa how she gets her clients to pose in this class. 

Luckily 2011 National short class bikini Champ Sheldon Thomson was on hand to give us a demonstration while Nuria gives us tips along the way.
If you're thinking of competing in bikini but not sure where to start, then check out out this video by Nuria and Sheldon to get you going.

For further posing tips and info on Nuria's Team Nfusion email her on: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Sarah and Tracy

The Shape of things to come by Sarah Parr
Originally there was figure and physique for women until Nabba introduced the Shape class to it's line-up in 2001. Having transferred from figure to shape that year, I was thrilled to become NZ's first Miss NZ Shape.

Now that the class has been established for well over a decade, I thought it would be interesting to review this flamboyant and feminine class and journey through some of the advantages that this category presents. This is a salute to the class that has afforded me the unique opportunity of travelling and competing for NZ!



alt  We've all seen it where a guy stands up there on stage after putting hours and hours of effort (not to mention the $$$) into getting their body looking amazing to compete on stage, only to be let down by wearing ill-fitting posing trunks.

Guys, as you all know, the glute is a muscle so just as important as showing off your well-earned six pack, those huge freaky striated legs and the fantastic v taper that you have all worked so hard for, those glutes need to be shown off to their best advantage.




Continuing with our bikini issue, we'll be giving you tips on how your bikini should fit in this article.

Following are a few examples (modelled by Ali Gascoine) of how a bikini looks to enhance a body and to not look so good!

Please keep in mind these are on just one body type - none of these examples relate to every body type, which again highlights the importance of making sure your bikini is specifically designed to enhance YOUR features and disguise YOUR flaws Back view examples:



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