alt  Choosing a bikini
When choosing a bodybuilding/figure bikini it is very important to understand that EVERY BODY is UNIQUE. While having a picture of the style of bikini you would like to have made may work well for some, it may in fact not be quite right for your own body shape - so it is best to keep an open mind when sourcing a bikini as to what may or may not suit your body type.




Shoes Glorious Shoes

Its that time of year when competitors start to ask the question ' what shows shall I do" and most importantly "what will I wear? and what shoes should I buy?"

If you are one of those ladies uttering those questions then you're in the right place.  In this article we talk about what kind of shoes you should buy for your figure contest.



Great video for novice figure and bodybuilders! 

Club Physical Bodybuilding Committee hosted a really good bodybuilding seminar on Sunday 29 May 11.  Maree Stubbington ran through the compulsory and structural poses which were demonstrated by Donelle Petelo, Raj and Craig Smith.

We thought the novices would get a great deal out of the instruction that we've decided to put it on youtube so everyone can learn from.  Check it out!  Click right pic to see.
    Click above pic for
'how to pose' video


  You've been along to a bodybuilding show and you've seen your friends compete and you think ' wow I'd like to look like that!' You've always loved the thought of strutting your new sexy body on stage but never know quite how to do it. It's one thing to say you want to compete but how do you actually go about doing it?

So I thought I'd outlined a few point you'll need to consider before finally stepping on stage.


Getting ready for a show is a long term process, just like bodybuilding itself.  It takes years to develop a great physique.  Some novices can get ready in 3 months or less, others need at least a year depending on their starting muscle mass and bodyfat.   
  1. Find someone who can critique your physique.
A Personal Trainer with a specialty in bodybuilding or an experienced competitor is an important element in your contest plan. Bodybuilding is all about how you look on stage. That's why its imperative that you find someone who has knowledge of bodybuilding and can 'critique' your physique as your diet and training progresses.  

left: with Supergirls Jill and Wendy
A PT or friend who can give you an honest opinion on how you're looking and what changes you need to make can be the difference between a good and a great physique for you. A PT can also help you decide on whether your structure is suited to figure or physique competition.


" Do I need to join a club to compete in a bodybuilding show?"
" How many organisations are there?" " Which one for me?"

07-NzfWell-Nakiteam1 They're some of the most common questions asked of me when athletes start to prepare for a bodybuilding show, and ultimately compete in one.

So to put a few minds at ease, we'll try and answer a few niggling questions and enlighten you about the very competitive bodybuilding scene in New Zealand. If respective organisations have more to add, please email me with details as I maybe out of touch with what's happening in your organisation.


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