This article is kind of about migraines, somewhat about antidepressants and certainly about Tyramine.


It is well known that Tyramine can induce migraines or headaches.  Tyramine is found in foods like cheese, alcohol, aged meats (either through smoking, brine, tenderisation etc), naturally fermented and overripe foods.  People who experience migraines or headaches are likely to have these foods removed from their diet to see if symptoms improve.


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I love the look of horror on clients faces when I tell them I would like them to be eating meat, fish, eggs, fruit, vegetables , nuts (and for some, grains, dairy and beans/legumes).  I can see what they’re thinking


“Eek!  Where’s the crackers, sauces, Nutrigrain & Muesli bars...How will I SURVIVE THIS!!!!!”


It’s not until we get into the principles of freestyle cooking that this list of foods actually becomes exciting.  Freestyle cooking goes at it without a recipe and follows your instincts.


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