When it comes to good bio-available protein you’re in safe hands with things in their natural state, whether you’re a vegan or a self-proclaimed carnivore, if your food of choice has been left with all of its nutrients and enzymes intact then your body is more likely to assimilate it better.

So let me introduce Biltong.



  Toxicity and "Detoxing" Detoxifying the body has been around since ancient times, and whether it be for religious reasons, to cure disease or to cleanse the physical and psychological aspects of the body there is one thing that is constant, that detoxifying is to essentially expel "bad stuff".  
Let's skip ahead to modern day. At some point along the historical timeline, some smart health entrepreneur created the first retail "detox" that you and I could purchase so we could "detox" at home. Now, I'm using the word detox in inverted commas because most of these preparations are nothing more than a bunch of herbs that aren't going anywhere except down your toilet. To understand this, we need to understand detoxification. It's not a buzz word, and it's not a crazy alternative health concept.


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