Using your intestine to increase your strength.

Odd title right?

To stop your brain from imploding, I will explain.

Many of us have lower back pain and for quite a few of us, that lower back pain means one of two things are either going to be the tough guy about it and train insane through the pain, or we are going to be  a little bit easier on ourselves, perhaps decreasing our weights, doing less sets, reps or exercises or avoiding the workout altogether until our back is feeling strong enough to cope. The upshot is, that perhaps we're not making the gains we want, because we feel we're not able to lift the weight we want.


  You're a fit person, and you've just walked down to the shops, but you're feeling a bit puffed, fatigued and a bit miffed as to why you feel like this. We have to be careful when it comes to our diagnoses of health issues, especially in the cases of fatigue.

We tend to pigeon-hole ourselves into one box (like iron deficiency), when there may be other stuff going on. This article is about iron deficiency, not fatigue in general.


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