All the news of 2011 Bodybuilding season Here
  Nov Nuria accepts her Pro card from NZIFBB President Moe Moussawi.


14 Nov: Teneka almost cleans up at Natural Olympia

Congrats to Teneka Hyndman who won 4 Golds and 1 Silver Medal at the Natural Olympia!!!
Teneka won all her amatuer categories: 1st Figure Classic, 1st Physique Tall, 1st Figure
Medium + Overall Ms Figure Olympia champion!!!

Then she went on to compete in the PRO Figure division and placed 2nd winning $500 USD


NABBA Universe Southport, England 29 October: Kaye O'Neill - Figure and Phil Kuklinski did not place in their Figure and Masters o50 classes.
WFF World Champs 4 Nov: Lesley Rothera placed 2nd in the Figure class

News! Congrats to Lisa Bellingham and Ed Mahone on the arrival of their new baby girl Ledisa Maria-Clovice Mahone at 11.35pm 21 Oct. Can't wait to meet her!

22 Oct: News from Phil-Asia Unified Champs Phillipines: Figure; Neisha 2, Janine 3, Vanessa 5, Elaine 6. Athletic; Paul 2, Jason 5. Mark 5th in Phys Tall and Masters. 


INBA Universe in Brisbane 22 October: Ali Gascoine, Cathy Orevich, Julie Baines, Sheryl Summers, Coral Ruri, Julie Kingi, Taylor Smith, Teneka Hyndman, Andrew Murray, Rota Elliott.

4 October.  Congratulations to Ghissy Gascoine (Ali G's super artistic daughter) on winning the emerging artist award at the NZ Body Art award on 1 October.  Her patient canvass was the hot bod of Lesley Rothera who endured the over 7 hour paint job.  We look forward to seeing Lesley as she swaps green tan for brown tan at the NABBA/WFF Nationals this Saturday 8 October!

11 Sept:  NABBA/WFF Top of the South update
At last! thanks to Lauren McLellan for giving us an update on the NABBA/WFF Top of the South, held in Nelson yesterday: There were 44 athletes, great organised show and beautiful glass trophies. Lauren won Nabba class 2 figure, Grant McLellan was 2nd Masters Over 35, David Gallagher 3rd , Debbie Otten 1st Miss Physique, Justina Hoani 1st WFF Figure short, Trevor Van Herpt 1st NABBA Masters over 50, Kat Bunting 1st WFF Figure tall and overall WFF Figure, David Reid 1st WFF Physique and overall winner.



30 Aug: 
Raechelle Chase
and Grant Pieterse placed 16th equal
in their respective classes at the
Phoenix Pro on 27 Aug.
From the results, Moe did not compete.

Moe placed 4th at the TiJuana Pro and
we're not sure where Grant placed but
we're sure he did his best.


18 July: A busy 6 weeks is looming ahead so thought we'd better give you the lowdown on what we know about upcoming shows.

Last year the NABBA Counties saw 64 athletes on stage and this year the show on 6 August is bound to attract similar numbers.  We know poster boy Rick Ujfalussy has been training hard with Janine Haywood, both have made great gains and we can't wait to see Rick's changes in the athletic class.  We saw Janine's refined figure take out the NABBA Waikato but know Counties will be a tougher contest. No doubt we'll see some of the open figures like Teneka Hyndman on stage following her great result at the INBA All Women's Classic in Melbourne.  The Shape class has been growing the last few shows and this will probably be a big class where we may see Fabiany Vecchionnace strut her sexy moves on stage.  Novice men and figures have also been big of late, so hopefully we'll see this trend continuing. 


NABBA BOP on 20 August promises to be a great little show with plenty of atmosphere.  Marty and Sian do a fantastic job putting this show together and no doubt they will be trying to top their efforts from last year.  We'll more than likely see hometown hunk Paul Mountfort and his team of 6 compete in this show.  We hear Julie Kingi's Kawerau team will also be making the short drive to Whakatane.  Kaye O'Neil will also putting a few athletes from Tauranga so this show augurs well for another high calibre fun show.

A hectic weekend of travelling and tanning beckons for athletes on 27 and 28 August for the INBA South Pacific Champs and NABBA/WFF Pan Pacific Champs in Auckland respectively.

Traditionally the INBA South Pacific Champs is HUGE and we are sure this trend will continue in this milestone 20th year.  Although we can't tell you specifically who will compete, we hear alot of athletes have been training for this one.  We know Auckland Overall champ Johanna Mountfort, will be competing in this show but will we see a showdown once again with Teneka Hyndman, Jody Walford and Donelle Petelo??!  What an awesome sight to see a repeat of these gorgeous girls on stage again.  We'll probably see Stan Tautalanoa and Mateo Vaihu go head to head again.  And perhaps fellow hunk Aron Enoka will also show us his well conditioned physique too.

Wendy Apaapa and Garry Jones at Evolution Systems have been busy gathering heaps of sponsors for their debut Auckland show, the NABBA/WFF Pan Pacific Champs on 28 August. Speaking of sponsors, Wendy tells me Habitual Fix will be supplying delicious packed lunches for all the athletes. We are hearing there'll be a few athletes who are doing the Taupo show will also be making the trip back to Akl to compete in this one.  Wendy and Garry are expecting over 50 athletes to compete at the show which will be held at the Bruce Mason Theatre.  This theatre gives the audience a great vantage point from anywhere and we'd recommend you book early as this one show format looks to be a sell out. 

NABBA/WFF World President Graeme Lancefield will be attending this event and will be bringing with him some Aussie athletes to try and take the trophies away from us.  Talking about trophies, Garry tells me the trophies they've organised are pretty flash!  Along with Jo Stewart and Kaye O'Neil competing here in the physique class we might even see the pocket rocket Naera Johnson join the lineup.  What an awesome sight of female muscle that would be to see.  Garth Van der Merwe, who was looking huge watching the NABBA Akl show, is working hard to reveal his muscles but will it be at this show? Guess we'll have to wait and see. 

One thing's for sure we'll be seeing some surprise athletes who we wouldn't normally see compete in this federation.

Phew!  that was just a preview.  Feel tired already just writing about it, let alone happy snapping at them.  Can't wait though!!

Lisa, Go Figure
18 July 11

3 July: INBA Women's Classic Result.
Teneka won the Figure International & Class 2 Open Figure.
She came runner up Overall to Janet.
Johanna came 2nd to Janet in the Figure Class 1.
Both Kiwi girls looked sensational as you can see!

Big thank you to Melita Jagic who took these awesome pics for us xx
Jo vs Janet in Fig class 1
Close one!!!!!
Janet Kane (oall)         Teneka Johanna

19 June: Congrats to Lesley Rothera who has won the Superbody title at the NABBA/WFF Universe in Austria!

15 June:
  We've finally sourced some pics of kiwi Lisa Bailey (pink bikini) in action at the NABBA/WFF Worlds in Brazil where she placed 5th.  Still trying to find pics of Mark Anderson who placed 2nd.  Lisa and the rest of the team are still stuck in Brazil due to the ash cloud from the Volcano. Not a bad place to be stuck really!



7 June: Jody Walford and Craig Smith competed at the NAC Worlds in Luxumbourg on 4 June.  Jody was in a lineup of 10 but unfortunately did not place in top 6.  Waiting to hear on Craig's result.  Regardless, good on you them for giving it a go! 


NZIFBB Contest Calendar New Dates!
Please note date changes for NZIFBB contests

1 October - Wellington Champs, Victoria Uni
8 October - Hamilton Champs, Clarence Streeet Theatre
15 October - South Island Champs, Kaiapoi High School
22 October - Nationals, Westlake Boys High


Kaye O'Neill competing @
26 April: Hawkes Bay
Strongman Results here
25 April: There has been plenty of rumours and hearsay going around lately on whether or not Kaye O'Neill is going to compete this year.  We went straight to the lady herself and we can give you the exclusive that Kaye will be competing at the NABBA/WFF Pan Pacific Champs in August!

She said that "I was always going to compete again this year as I was not happy with my conditioning last year at the country of origin. So this year it is about me standing on stage in better condition than I have ever been in"  


Kaye Video! Check out Kaye's backstage and routine from ProFormance CNI 09 here  

This news will get the lovers of women's physique excited as Kaye will be up against Jo Stewart in the Open Physique class.  Both of these super athletes know about contest preparation and bringing in their best condition for a show.  However, while both are heavily muscled, have different structures.  We've seen Kaye come in super hard and lean while Jo, who's slightly shorter, shows detail while remaining full.  Notforgetting our southern Wonder Woman Lisa Bailey could also be there to add to the awesome lineup. What a sight that will be if these 3 awesome athletes are on stage at one time.

Judges will have a tough decision on their hands.  One thing's for sure, its going to be a battle you'll want to see as it might not come round again!  


23 April: Competitor list is out for the Pittsburg Pro on May 7th.  Looks like kiwi Raechelle Chase will be in a large field of 15 athletes. We wish all the best flying the kiwi flag! 

19 April: A team of 14 athletes are going to compete at the NABBA Asia Pacific Champs in Phillipines on 30 April. One of those is 74 year old seasoned competitor Dieter Horn.



Dieter popped in to the Environment Gym for training with Tony and as you can see he's lookin lean and muscular.  All we need now is to get his smiling muscles working on stage! Dieter.

Tony on the other hand has no problems smiling on stage but he still has shoulder trouble.  He can't get back into full training until June as he's recovering from shoulder surgery.  He's still determined to compete at the South Pacific Champs in August though!

NZ Team Announcement
The NZ Team is travelling to the 2011 Nabba Internaational Asia-Pacific Bodybuilding Championships, which will be held on Boracay Island, in the Philippines, April 29th. Other Teams have entered from Pakistan, India, United Arb Emirates, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines.

Junior Men               Chon Wa Chu        Auckland
                                Alex Spenceley     Dunedin
Physique Men          Ross Gray             Wellington
                                Chris Hennessy     Palm. Nth.
Figure                     Jolene Morris          Dargaville 
                                Elaine Bishop         Palm. Nth.
Physique Women    Tina Walker            Gisborne
                                Julie Wordworth    Palm. Nth.
                                Colleen Sloane       Palm. Nth.
                                Delwyn Evans       Waikato
Fitness-Model          Lisa Gifford           Whitianga
Athletic                    Steve Papps         Auckland
                                Julio Papps           Auckland
                               Dene Flude. Pulled out due to injury 
Masters                   Dieter Horn           Whangarei  
Officials                  Jim Pitt and Peter Hardwick       

Good luck to the NZ team at the Phillipines!


Contest Date Clash! 
We've just noticed that the NABBA/WFF Nationals in Auckland and the NZIFBB Waikato Champs are on the same day: 8 October.

6 April: Charles Glass Seminar. Around 50 people turned out for Optimum Nutrition's Charles Glass and Cristina Vujnich seminar on 6 April. Thanks to Nic and Mark at Topmark Nutrition for bringing them to NZ as I'm sure the evening helped those who attended get motivated for their own fitness and bodybuilding goals. More pics here  

  1 April: 2010 NABBA Overall Figure Champ Jody Walford has announced she is competing at the NAC Worlds in Luxumbourg on 4 June. At 10 weeks out, she's fully into her contest dieting and training. No doubt we'll see her in the lean condition she attained last year that took out the Nationals.  We will see her at the NABBA Auckland Champs on 21 May before she heads off to Luxumbourg.



pretty chuffed with
ourselves getting on the
IFBB Pro site for pics of the
NZ Pro Figure


NABBA/WFF           NABBA Akl
Chch 30 April         21 May

31 March: One of NZ's seasoned physique competitors, Jo Stewart, has announced that she's turning in her IFBB Pro card (which she received in 2009) and returning to amateur competition. Jo says on her site that she doesn't need to do a Pro Event to prove herself "I have done so many many times on stage and pleased with what I have accomplished so far". 

"My life time goal was to motivate woman, Kiwi woman to train and be the best they can be for themselves at whatever age they are. I can stand on any stage and do the same thing and after looking at things closely I began to realise that competing in an organisation which I had never competed in previously would more than enough satisfy my goal to compete again."

To that end, Jo has already eyed up the NABBA/WFF Pan Pacific Champs on 28 August as one of her 'amateur comeback' shows.
 Sample Image
Jo Stewart 19 weeks
from NABBA/WFF Aug

18 March: are ok.  Glenda of bodybuilding bikinis would like to let everyone know that they are still in business despite the effects of the christchurch earthquake on their shop in Columbo street.  This quake is the 3rd time their shop has been affected by tragedy.  The latest quake happened 7 years to the day their first shop was burned down by fire in 2004.  Again the shop was shut down after the quake in 2010.

But Glenda and Tracey are fighters and won't let this quake get the best of them and they are opened for business!  So if you need a bikini, get in contact with them at or contact
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for posing trunks. 


16 March:  Venue Change.  The NABBA/WFF Champs in August will now be held at Bruce Mason Theatre and not Sky City.  New Poster out soon.

7 March:
Club Physical Champs confirmed for 20 August. Details here
4 March: Congrats Nuria on placing 4th at Amateur Arnold Classic. Nuria's Unshakeable Figure story here.


24 Feb: NABBA/WFF Chistchurch News.  Organisers of this show would like to reassure everyone that this show will go ahead on 30 April despite the recent earthquake. More than ever, people need to visit Christchurch and support the locals as they recover from the disaster. The event will be held at the Aurora Centre at Burnside High which was not affected by the quake.


Here's something different!  Check out the action of Strongmen..and women in Auckland and Hawke's Bay on Easter weekend 23 and 24 April.

In Auckland at Easter Show Greenlane. 
In Hawke's Bay at Lindisfarne College on 24 April.

Hey guys, Its that time of year again! Bit of a twist this year with NZSM running at the same time in Auckland, so we've lightened the comp up somewhat and are encouraging novices & newbies to have a crack, along with anyone who's unable to compete in Auckland.

Good prize money & supplements up for grabs, along with the Hawkes Bay's Strongest Man title (and U105 title) of course.
Weigh in at 9am Sun 24 April, all other details on attached poster.

The highland game events will run seperately on the Saturday 23 April and are as follows:
Shot Put: Men's & Women's, 11am
Weight for Height: 56lb Men's, 28lb Women's midday
Caber Toss: Men's & Women's, 1.00pm
Farmers Walk: 80kg Men's, 50kg & Women's, 2.00pm
Entry fee to Public events is $10 for all 4 events. Prizes are $25, 15, 10 in both the Women's and Men's categories.
Great opportunity for the ladies to compete.

Nate Williams


   Nuria's Awesome Pre Arnold Pics

21 Feb: 2 weeks away from her Arnold Amateur showing in the Figure Class A on 6 March and Nuria's looking A for Amazing!  Here are a couple of pics from her photoshoot with Christchurch photographer Les McHarg.  Good work to you both! 

World Champs
Brazil, 11 June
17 Feb: Breaking News! Lee Priest moves to NABBA/WFF

NABBA/WFF International President Graeme Lancefield has announced that 'after Lee Priest guest poses at the NABBA/WFF Adelaide GP and does his seminar before the NABBA/WFF International Melbourne, Lee's makes his debut with NABBA in the Professional Mr Universe contest in England on October 29th.'



9 Feb: Our copy of the International MuscleMag (March '11) edition arrived today and lo and behold Moe El Moussawi's in there with an article on his back training.  In fact there's 6 pages on him, wonder if this means he's on the comeback trail.  Must ask.

9 Feb: Its Official! Kiwi Darryn Onekawa is also competing at the Aussie Pro. He's listed ahead of Dennis Wolfe. Looks like a battle between him and Dennis at this stage. Go Darryn!


8 Feb: We are pleased to announce that Christchurch athlete Kristy Thomson is making her Pro debut at the IFBB Australian Grand Prix along with Raechaelle Chase in the Pro Figure section. Good luck girls!

ANB News:  2 athletes test positive at ANB event details here
6 Feb: Calling all Samoan bodybuilders to compete at Samoa Bodybuilding Champs 13 August.  Details here
4 Feb: NABBA/WFF NZ Pan Pacific Champs, August 28, Poster is out. Click here to see!
1 Feb: NZIFBB confirms NZ Pro Champs are returning to Auckland on 19 March 11.
30 Jan: Raechelle Chase is competing at IFBB Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne on 12 March.  There maybe other kiwis competing in this show too and we hope to have confirmation of who they are closer to the time.
27 Jan: Date Change!
  NZIFBB Nationals will now be held on 22 October
26 Jan: Proformance CNI Tauranga has been confirmed for 24 September
20 Jan: NABBA/WFF Nationals is confirmed for the 8th October at Bruce Mason Theatre, Auckland.

12 Jan: Congratulations to Nuria Novoa who's off to compete at the Arnold Classic 3-6 March. She will be blogging about her journey here
NABBA/WFF Christchurch Grand Prix on 30 April will incorporate 'The Ultimate Bench' as part of their show. Athletes include: Craig McGuigan, Leighton Best, Ange Galati


Nationals Vote! This year NABBA, NABBA/WFF and NZIFBB are all holding their Nationals in October during the business end of the Rugby World Cup.

Since the accommodation and flights would be a premium during this time, do you think the organisations should move the Nationals to November to try and decrease cost for athletes? just asking. 

Tell us your thoughts by voting in the poll in the right hand column.

Thanks to NABBA/WFF organisers for giving us their point of view on their Nationals:

"Our Nationals will run on October 8th - as it is the official qualifier for the Nabba Universe to be held in Southport and there will be many who will be vying to qualify for this legendary event.

Our Auckland promoters have worked hard to ensure that the dates did not clash with major games or semi finals. Further to this, they have also advised many of the athletes about prices for flights.

Although accommodation will be at a premium, we believe, if you are passionate about your sport, you will devise a plan to make this happen for you.

Again our Ak promoters have come up with some fantastic ideas to ease the burden on some of the athletes - that may have accommodation issues. No doubt during the year, they will inform the athletes of this.

Kind Regards


11 Jan
Poor Tony Ligaliga's had shoulder surgery to repair a deltoid tendon that was torn off the bone! He had surgery mid December and is sidelined from weights for 3-6months. However he still has ambitions of competing later this year - if he has his way that is! Get well soon Tony from us all.


Maree Stubbington has been appointed NZ Head Judge at Regional and National shows by the NABBA/WFF NZ.  Congratulations Maree! The following a statement from the NABBA/WFF NZ

"A decision has been made and we would like to advise everyone that Maree Stubbington has been recommended as our NZ Head Judge for all regional and National shows. This recommendation has been fully supported by our International President Graeme Lancefield.


We welcome Maree and know that she will be fully supported by the rest of the team."


Kind Regards
9 Jan 2011

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