Ok here's my Week 4 update.  Sorry not too flash but I'm not flashy!!

I wish I was Bionic Woman!  Did anyone see that show the other night? Pretty awesome seeing girls kick butt - eventhough unfortunately the girls were fighting each other.  But that's another topic. 

Back to being Bionic.  Wouldn't it be great to be able to run really fast and/or really long time without feeling any aches or pains in your knee shoulder and elbow joints? 
27 Jan. Watch Lisa and Jill's cardio and weight training workout here

To be able to run more than 30minutes at a time twice a week (which I'm just managing), would love to do more but these old bones are limiting me. Sure I get on the bike and do that too but just not getting that ‘go' when my brain tells my legs to move there's just a very slow connection.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to lift intensely at your weight sessions and be super strong outlifting the guys.  That would be my first mission if I got some good old bionic arms and chest muscles, to wander on in to Les Mills and pick a couple of 50kg dumbbells and do a few hundred rep bicep curls.  Be great to have super recovery powers too that you don't get tired and can continue to train and do cardio without fatiguing.  That way you can get plenty of fat burning in much shorter time.  Plus, to be able to do heaps of cardio while keeping all your mass, now that would be a great advantage. 

Geez would be good to have some of whatever bionic woman has coursing through the veins wouldn't it?  What was it called? Artificial life cells or something.  Mind you, you can get abit of ‘something something' now anyway to help you, if you feel the urge to get some bionic benefits if you know what I mean. 


It was with trepidation when I hopped on the scales this morning. To be honest I don't feel light, you know the feeling when you know you've lost something!  Today I didn't have that losing feeling. Looking back through my diary, I can see I haven't been too intense with my cardio and I've only really had 2 hard 45 min sessions. However I was consistent to doing some form of cardio at least twice a day with Trixie so I guess that's been my saving grace.

Mind you I've been going pretty hard out in the gym and still trying to lift heavy. I've been feeling very knackered in the afternoon and had even have to have some nanna naps in the afternoon, only about 15mins naps but enough to re energise me. Thank goodness my clients are understanding and I can shift people around my nap time. Terrible eh?!! 
Lisa and Jill in Wanganui, 26 Jan

So it was with surprise that I've lost almost 600g since last week! but didn't lose any more centimetres off my waist and hips. Down from 58.98 to 58.40. I guess when I really feel how my clothes are fitting, my back and chest does feel a touch smaller and there's some miniscule definition in my rear delts. At least something's happening, surprisingly.  But I must pat myself on the back at how good I've been on my diet, I think if strayed from it there wouldn't have been much movement at all. So people, even if you can't do all the training you need to, make sure you stick religiously to your diet plan.

Sample Image  I think what's really helped with my energy levels and weight/fat loss this week has been the introduction of Balance thermo ripped and carnitine.  I wanted to put these in this week to give me bit of pick me up as I've been feeling quite tired.  My energy levels have picked up and its curbed my appetite. Check out my review of the Balance thermoripped and carnitine in New Stuff here



Two weeks down but it seems like forever! My training and eating regime has been great and nothing's a hassel. A good space to be and it showed on the scales thank goodness.  Today I just dipped under 59, 58.98 so all the 8s must be a good sign eh?!!  Have shaved 1/2 inch off my waist and hips so no wonder my pants were a little loose lately.

You can check out how I'm looking and find out what I'm doing to get the weight off in Episode 2 at Go Figure TV here. Sorry I'll probably look abit tired and watery but you get the idea of what's going on ....or off anyway!
Lisa 2 weeks down
The biggest influence on my energy this week has been THAT time of the month - block your ears and eyes guys! - but I won't talk about that straight away.  Check out bottom of page to find out how I got through the tiredness and cravings. You know what I mean girls!!

 Sample Image But first let's talk about chicken.  I'm really struggling to like chicken at the moment. I've only had about 5 chicken meals in 2 weeks. I know, I prescribe chicken in my clients diet and I do try to have chicken in my diet too but I really don't like chicken too much.  Is anyone else out there doesn't like chicken?  Not sure if its the way I cook it but its a struggle chewing through it. No matter how much salsa or green curry I use to cover it, the texture of chicken just doesn't agree with me.  Plus I don't like cutting and chewing through chunks of chicken.   


Well here goes my first progress report....gulp.  Its pretty tough doing a makeover challenge and even more so doing it in front of a few hundreds and sometimes thousands people.  And being a PT and all, my body was/is definitely on the line for something to happen and thank goodness there was a result.

Pleased to say I lost 1/2kg! Was 60kg on 7 Jan and now 59.5kg on 14 Jan. Also glad to say that I've lost some padding off the two main areas I want to.  Around belly button was 33" and now 30 ¾" and around hips was 38", now 37 ¾".  I've got a wide hips - yes very curvy I am - so I don't think that figure is going to go down that much. 
Lisa, not just a makeover challenge, a constant weighing
and cooking challenge!

So what's my initial strategy to lose weight? Well a lot of hard work all round really.  Firstly the cardio.  I've been putting a lot of effort to get my A into G and get myself up and at'em every morning doing my cardio. 

I get bored doing cardio so tried not to do the same thing twice in a row each morning.


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