Eeek 8 weeks to go! both a daunting and exciting time in my contest prep. Some days I feel like I'm on track, other days I feel full and round and wonder where the lines have gone. I know each day I'll look different depending what I've been eating and the amount of sodium I've had the previous day. But still, this process does play mindgames with you as contest day approaches.

This is also the point in time where I have to think about posing and getting a bikini, yikes! the last thing I want to do now is look at myself all pale and a weight that is wee bit heavy for contest but alas better get in early to make sure things are prepared well in advance.  So thanks Ali for texting me to reminding me I have to see her so she has plenty of time to get it done.  Linni's also sent me a text saying I need to get my A into G and starrt some posing practice, and will probably have to work on a routine.  I reckon since I've seen so many shows, I'm relying on osmosis to my structural and compulsory poses - but I suppose I'll have to get half naked and do some posing.

Another source of text support has been Lisa Bellingham - who incidentally's also competing in Samoa! so I have quite a mission posing my butt off against the blond bombshell. Oh well, better the devil you know right.  They'll be other kiwis on stage too so should be fun. Lisa B's quite the seasoned competitor so hopefully some of her glamourousness will rub off on me as we keep in touch towards the comp. 
After a miserable and what seems like a very inactive week last week, I'm pleased to report that I've finally nudged under 55kg. Weighing in at 54.70 in fact, gosh don't think I've been this light for a few years so it feels nice to have my jeans feel a little lose on me. Have lost 1/2 inch off around my belly button but all other areas remain the same.  Its the area I want to lose the most so pretty happy that its coming off there. 

Mum up for a visit 




Boo hoo poor me. It finally happened. After weeks of walking in the cold/rain. My body has finally given in and I've come down with a cold and I feel achy and nauseous. I'd been on the go now for about 6 full on weeks of clean eating and consistant cardio. Up until last week I'd been relatively healthy, sure I'd have my minor aches and pains but I'd push through it eventhough I know I should ease back. But no, with a contest ahead I thought I'd better do my darndest and keep on going. I probably haven't had a proper rest day where I'd do absolutely nothing because having a dog, there is no rest and you have to go for walks rain or shine. 
I'd started this week with a hiss and a roar. I was very pleased with myself that I'd done hour of cardio each morning and afternoon, and 30min on alternate nights.  But by Thursday, I'd felt a tickle in my throat and some coughs starting to happen throughout the day.  My head starting to feel heavy on Fri and by Saturday I'd come into full blown headcold.  I probably shouldn't have gone to do my PTs on Saturday as I was just sneezing and had runny nose, not a good look for a Personal Trainer!  
Me the day before my cold struck. As you can see I look quite tired but I didn't listen to my body. 



"Do or not do. There is no try"
Yoda, Star Wars IV

That's been my motto this week as I got stuck into my cardio. I've learned now after hours of walking and biking to not think about what I'm doing. You know thoughts like ‘ I really don't want to go for a walk cos looks like its going to rain."  "Is the hour up yet?", "Not another hill", "Has it been 10mins on the bike yet?".  I'm sure you know what I mean if you're doing cardio too.  So this week I just let myself just do it, or when I go walking outside with Trix, I just let her lead me so it saves me thinking about what I'm actually doing!  I found this strategy has made my cardio less stressful.  But at the same time, since I know I have a target I need to reach there's no ifs or buts, I have to do it and amazingly I do.

In the past week before breakfast (week 11) I'm varying my morning cardio between 30min interval bike and 45min bike and treadmill to breakup the monotony. Then there's the 20min after breakfast for Trixie's constitutions.  Another 1hour in arvo, then I've just started 30min every other night on the bike.  So that all adds up to quite a bit eh? So very proud of myself I've been able to do that much, although my legs do felt quite heavy by the end of the week.

This week I'm averaging about 2hours a day. Earlier this year I couldn't have imagined I'd have enough energy or desire to do that much!!!  I'm not the kind of girl who just plunges into things and cardio's the same.  I started off slowly and getting used to the routine.  Since finishing my 6 week challenge I continued with just 20min biking before brekky, and 30min in arvo with Trixie.  And have slowly increased my arvo walk to hour hillwalking in sun or rain...or at least I can handle wee bit of drizzle.  As for Trix, she doesn't care what the weather is she'll go out in any condition!   Sample Image 


Sample Image  Lisa's Competing In Samoa!!
  11 weeks to go Stats. 
At the end of my last weigh in in February I was 56.8kg. Chest: 35"  Belly button: 29.5"   Waist: 36"

20 July. 55.5kg, Chest: 34" (boohoo), Belly button: 28" and Waist: 34.5"

I'm looking to get down to around 51kg, that's only 5kgs away but I know I still have to do heaps of cardio to get there.  Old age slows the metabolism you know! 


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