hi everyone, back home now and enjoying some r & r and nibbling on some normal food which I haven't had for a couple of weeks.  Haven't gone too wild, all I wanted to have after the show was a protein shake and a bar! yes I really did go crazy didn't I?!  since then have enjoyed fruit and last night finally got to eat some salmon which I've missed out on for a whole week.   
Linni and Lisa at venue



  Ta da! well since I'm going all girly girl for this figure comp, I thought I'd give myself a new look and go with short hair. Whatcha think?  I've also gone out and bought some nice bikini outfits so I can get shots taken at the beach in them.  Afterall what's the point of doing all this hardwork and not getting some evidence of it eh.

I am the first to admit I'm abit of a tomboy. I prefer wearing running shoes over high heels any day. Occasionally I might wear abit of lip gloss but that's about the extent of my make up regime.  However, all that will change when I transform myself into a 'glamourpuss' when I get all dolled up for the Show this weekend - well that's the plan anyway! 


Well here we are less than 2 weeks to contest. 12 days away from today (22 September) to be exact.  How exciting and nerve raking at the same time.  So much to do and so little time and so much weight to get off!  well actually not too much weight to get off but its just as hard getting the last couple of kgs off than it has the first 5kg.

Last week I was on a mission to do all I can to get more weight off and to get leaner. And I'm pleased to say that I did! I shaved off another 1/2 kg and now I'm down to 52.50 so slowly but surely I hope to get down to 51kg. I've also lost another 1/2 inch off my waist and abs so looking wee bit leaner through the mid section.

All the Samoans are telling me its super hot in Samoa so I'm hoping a kg of water will drip off me easily enough next week.  I won't be dehydrating too much towards the end of week as I don't want to go flat.  Anyway that's next week.

To get my weight and fat off in the past week I've made some adjustments to the diet. Been eating lots of white fish and chicken, and manipulated the amount of carbs to fat I was having. Because I'm eating alot of protein without too much carbs I've upped my fibre so everything's all regular so that all the waste and water's carried out of the system. And I think the slight adjustment worked although I'm feeling little more tired from it but that's the way I'm suppose to be feeling a week from comp.  I'm sure other athletes feel the same way.


  I hadn't been too nervous in the past weeks but now with only 3 weeks to go my heart races every time I imagine myself getting up on stage in less than a month's time, yikes!  Can't believe how these past weeks have gone so fast but I think I need more time as I'm not sure I'm going to be ready. I don't feel as lean as I should be and my body is taking its own sweet time to get down to my target of 51kg.

left: Going through routine with Lynnie. Click pic to see me strutting my stuff and recap my challenging year so far. 3min 40sec.
Today I'm 53kg and 11.58% bodyfat. I guess I haven't done too badly considering at the start of the year where I was 60kg and 23%. But hey in the real world I'd be super happy with 53kg but this is bodybuilding we're talking about so we just got to go that extra mile to get that extra definition.

I'm throwing everything at it in an effort to drop weight.  I'm having more lower carb days and increasing protein, cutting down portion size but squeezing in another snack - so basically same calories consumed. Still doing plenty of cardio. And I can say categorically that I'm being honest with my diet and eating super clean, and haven't even had a sniff of a protein bar, chocolate or a trim flat white.  3 weeks can be a long time in bodybuilding and lots of things can change with slight changes in diet so I'll just make some changes and see what happens.


At the beginning of this journey, I wanted to do the precontest dieting and training as healthily as I can and so far, despite my stubborn body, I'm feeling great and healthy.  I have done this without too many pills and potions, but sticking to the basic supplements.  I can't handle too many additives in my body so have used thermos sparingly throughout my preparation as I function better that way without too much ‘hype'. 

Needless to say, but I will, I'm absolutely 100% natural and free of any enhanced substances.  Hey if I was on anything, I'd be super dooper lean by now!!  I have no problem with people using as its their body, but just be honest about it.


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