Its been quite a rollercoaster of an 8 week challenge!  there's been ups, downs, plateaus and plenty of chickens who sacrificed themselves so that I can get into some kind of shape. But the chickens didn't die in vain (although maybe for my vanity) as I made got down to my target weight of 56kgs from 60kg on 7 Jan...woo hoo very happy about that!  

I wanted to get rid of some padding around my waist and hips and have been able to reach that target too. Dropping from 4" around the belly button and 2" around the waist.  Although my abs haven't decided they'd like to show themselves yet. 

However, since dropping the weight around my belly and lower back, its made my back look freakishly big and wide!!  holy batwings!!  I was quite shocked when I saw how my back turned out.  Think I'll drop back on doing back for awhile.
yay 8 weeks is up!!
click pic for 8th week rap up vid

Generally I am happy that I finally look abit leaner. It hasn't been a full on spectacular makeover but I'm just doing it at my own pace and I think 500g per week is a good pace to lose weight and to keep it off.

The weight has gone off fairly evenly but still have my trouble spots of arms (my bis are big and triceps are quite thick, I don't particularly do them that heavy but they still want to grow). Shame my delts don't respond the same way. Would love to get some delts, leaner arms, abs. But can't complain too much as I haven't got heavy legs. But probably need to train them more heavily and perhaps decrease my cardio a touch now that I don't have to lose weight...well as quickly anyway.

Holy batwings batman! 


Here I am being daring again and letting you in on my sexy 2 piece. This will probably be the last time I'll be this courageous for a while so make the most of my adventurous streak!

As you can see, my back has come up well and weight has gone off there, would like more of my rear delts and triceps.  From the front, looks like more core based exercise and more ab work for me, so that'll keep me busy for the next few weeks and months.


  Sorry no peep show today!!  but I am happy to report that I'm now 56.7kg yay! its been ages since I've been under 57 so it feels good to see my effort showing on the scales.  Since last week I've dropped 900gm, a little too much as I'm aiming for about 500gm loss each week.

My measurements have dropped around the belly button from 30 to 29.5" but hips is still the same at 36. I'll have to get my butt leaner to make that number move!
 I have been going hard with my cardio, although probably not as hard as some. I've only done 4 x 30min intense interval jog, stairs or bike (on separate days!) to get my heart rate up and me sweating this week. The rest of the sessions have been low impact walking of about 30min in the afternoon with Trixie.



One of the reasons I started on this 8 week makeover challenge 6 weeks ago (wow how time flies!) was to face my fears and do things that challenge/scare me.  And what is scarier than stripping off in public. 

And that ladies and gents is what I'm doing today and you're the first ones to witness me in a two piece - ok shorts and sports bra - but still big deal for me, as I'm not too comfy being too revealing as my closest pals will know!.  But its all part of building confidence and feeling good about yourself (that's what I tell my clients so I should do as I say eh!) So this will be a shock to some but anyway here goes.   

For the past 5 weeks I've been trialing the super secret Beta Alanine by Balance. Its been a great help with energy during dieting. More in New Stuff!
Not even my Mum has seen me this bare!  but I suppose if I'm putting myself out there I guess I'd better show you some fruits of my hard work eh.  Now just because I did a front double biceps, don't get any ideas about me competing!


After 6 weeks, I'm happy with how I'm travelling. Today, at start of 7th week I'm  57.60kg which means I'm under 58kg yay!,  30.25cm around belly button and  36cm around waist.  I'd been stuck at 30.5cm for ages so its finally to get down a little more around the belly. I'd also drop 1/2 inch off the waist from last time so happy with that.



Well its official! I have plateaued... on the scales anyway at 58kg. I know I know, its not about the weight as that's what I say to my clients on the time. Its about how you look, which is true. I knew I was on the way to a plateau last week so I wasn't surprised - but still doesn't make it any easier - dealing with the fact there was no change on the scales eventhough have been very good with my eating and training.  However I did have a minor win with decrease measurement off my hips from 37 to 36.5 inches while my belly button stayed same at 30.5 inch.

This update is the end of my 5th week (11 Feb) and I can feel myself ie metabolism slowing down a little.  I'm not feeling as hungry and famished as I used to in the early parts of dieting. I haven't been as prepared with my food this week but still managing to get my ton of chicken but perhaps I've been too good and probably not eating as much chicken as I should and therefore not getting in enough protein. 


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