Reducing your waistline and toning your abs. People all over the world spend thousands of dollars per day attempting to accomplish the "SIX PACK". I have regular requests asking for advice and quick fixes to remedy the storing of body fat around the waistline and how to create a firm toned midsection.

left: Rede and Judy show off their hard earned abs

The Truth about achieving a toned tummy and being able to actually see that "muscle tone" is to get rid of the layer of body fat covering your abs. It doesn't matter how many crunches you do,
or what machine you use. If you don't reduce your body fat you will never see those abdominal muscles (which we all have).


I'm a firm believer that without knowledge we are not empowered.By that I mean that if you haven't a clue about how your body works, you are going to be forever at the mercy of those you perceive as more knowledgeable (doctors--good or bad, friends, relatives, sales staff, etc) Further, you'll probably never get the results you want. So let's jump in here and learn some important stuff about how our bodies work.   
Insulin and Glucagon
First of all, you need to understand the dual hormone system that controls much of metabolism. Two hormones work opposite each other. They are insulin and glucagon. Insulin stores fat and glucagon pulls fat from storage and turns it into fuel to burn. Hey, we can see glucagon is our friend!!! How do we get more of that one? Insulin is triggered by carbohydrates. Glucagon is triggered by protein. Now, that is somewhat oversimplified, but I'm trying to keep it simple. So, eat less carbohydrate-that equals less fat storage.



00-womansquat  One variable that often separates champions in any field of endeavor from those who, despite above average genetics and a tremendous work ethic, never quite fulfill their potential, is that elusive ability to control one’s emotions that leads to an enhanced attention span and, ultimately, greater self control in the gym.
In accepting the well known psychological fact that it is impossible to focus upon two things simultaneously (try listening to two radio stations at the same time, or attempt to concurrently place all of your attention on two images situated side by side – your attention will jump backwards and forwards with no real focus applied to either) it follows that we can never truly mentally apply all that we have to a given task if we allow distractions to influence our attention.  


Five Steps to a New Physique: how to build your body without burning it out.
with David Robson

Endless extreme workouts which may compromise recovery have never been the best training approach for those who are, as well as being drug free - let’s face it, having the “chemical advantage” does confer greater recuperative abilities - not genetically destined for bodybuilding greatness.

As a trainer who respects his clients’ unique abilities and limitations, I have found the act of balancing sufficiently intensive workloads without going overboard and either injuring a client or making it untenable for them to continue training can be a tricky process, but one that is of the utmost importance. 

David Robson 


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