Speaking on behalf of all women, I'm sure many of you have an appetite for certain foods at certain times of the month. The more we try to put off having these foods, the more we tend to overindulge on them when we let our attacks take the best of us.

Our prime targets are foods high in fat, sugar like cakes/biscuits/muffins and general convenience foods like packet potato chips etc. The best way not to succumb to these is to be like a good Girl Scout and Prepare. The key is to snack smarter and you'll overcome any sneaky snack attacks.


Jason and Vanessa Bartley have been dieting for about 6 months and will have competed in 5 shows in that time.  So far they've got under their belt the NABBA BOP, Wellington, Nationals, North Harbour and soon are off to the Phillipines for the Phil-Asia Unified show.   Eventhough they're experienced athletes, its good to know they - well Jason aka Bart - still finds the dieting side of contest preparation a grind.  Luckily he has a great imagination and channels his thoughts into imagining what food tastes like rather than indulging in the tasty treats. 

Bart has also channelled his thoughts onto the keyboard and has written what what's been going through his mind during these past months.  Hopefully we'll have regular updates from Bart's Brain in the future.  In the meantime, enjoy his tasty morsels..... 

  Food, food, glorious food – it an obsession at times, and when you can't have it, it's even worse, I don't know about other bodybuilders out there, but I get it really really bad when the sharp end of the lean down arrives pre-competition.  My thoughts head straight to what I can't eat, and the fact I want to eat it now!

left: Vanessa and Jason, couples winner at NABBA North Harbour


 Sample Image Body fat serves many important functions. It is the body's main depot for energy providing fuel for the body's metabolism when food is scarce. It releases energy to support prolonged exercise. Fat is also the warehouse for vitamins A,D,E, and K. And it serves mechanical functions. It is the body's best insulation, helping to conserve heat in cool environments: it cushions the internal organs against jostling and trauma, and it helps keep swimmers afloat. 



Hormones help the body regulate itself and provide stability to the body's internal environment. Hormones regulate growth, reproduction, and development, to help the body adapt to physiological stresses placed on the body by the external environment.

The two main hormones associated with muscle building and strength gains, as a result of weight training, are testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH). When these hormones are released into the blood stream one of their jobs is to act directly on muscle cells to produce muscle growth.



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