Naera and Jo
Battle of the Bitches Video!
Naera Johnson vs Jo Stewart

A look behind the scenes as they prepare for the showdown at the
NABBA WFF Pan Pacific Champs 9 August 2014



Lucia Oles has made many transformations in her 18 months or so.  She started out like most girls looking at the great figures on stage and wanting to be like them.  And since competing in her first figure competition, Lucia's gone on to win the Optimum Nutrition Fitness Model Competition at the NZ Fitness expo in 2013 and with that received a year's sponsorship with Optimum Nutrition.  Seems fitness modelling agrees with Lucia as she also recently won the Glamour Model class at the NABBA WFF Christchurch Grand Prix.

With the support of ON, she's been able to live the dream of becoming a sponsored athlete and in this interview she talks about how they've been invaluable support to her.


NABBA WFF introduced their new Bikini Model class at the recent Christchurch Grand Prix.  The judges were looking for a fuller bikini look which is not as lean and athletic as the glamour models, or ripped like the figure class.  And they got that in its inaugural winner Claire Calkin!

I talked to Claire after her win to find out how hard - or easy - it was to come in looking fuller than what she's used to. And discover the secret to Claire's confident bikini walk and see her in action strutting her stuff.

Check out the interview below!


NZ Shape rep has a battle on her hands as she prepares to compete at the NAC Worlds in Spain on 31 May.  From the pictures we've seen of the shape class, they seem to be huge so how will Susan handle the challenge of international competition?

Check out the interview to find out.

left: Susan with how some of her competition are looking!

Lisa and Susan


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