NABBA WFF Senior Figure Athlete Paula Fearnley has been training and competing for almost 10 years but her enthusiasm for bodybuilding just gets stronger every year.  Each year her conditioning has got better and better and we think this year could possibly be her best yet.

Paula is 3 days out from competing at the NABBA WFF Christchurch Grand Prix and as you can see she is on target to present a lean, feminine and muscular figure on stage.

Paula and Lisa at
CLM Richmond, Nelson

In this interview I talk to Paula about the changes in her diet leading up to the show and how she manages to juggle 3 children during her contest prep!



Is it a bird, is it a plane, NO its  Hayley 'The Comet' Freeman who shot to great heights in the fitness class at the recent NZIFBB Pro Am Champson 15 March.

Not only did Hayley amaze with her well conditioned figure but proved that she's not all show and put that figure into action jumping and showing us her flexiblity in her fitness routine.


In this interview I catch up with Hayley to find out how much training it takes to achieve her fantastic fitness physique.  Plus see more action pics of Hayley which I must say am pretty proud of myself for capturing. Lisa


Just over 15 months ago in Nov 2012 Jess Coate wowed us with 2nd place on the international stage in the shape class. In 2 weeks time, she'll take on the world once again at the Arnold Amateur competing in figure against some of the great amateur figures. 

Since her first international showing, Jess has been working on building more mass and conditioning throughout her body to present a balanced figure which is capped off by some awesome boulder shoulders.

In this video, we catch up with Jess at one of her last trainings in NZ to find out how she's feeling as the show approaches! watch out for a cameo from a cute male physique athlete.

Thanks Les Mills Victoria Street Auckland for letting us film in your super gym!



If you needed more proof that pumping iron and living a good healthy bodybuilding lifestyle helps fend off the years, then look no further than to the fab figure of Lisa Cameron who recently turned 50!

Lisa has been lifting weights for at least 15 years so ladies, if you've been scared of lifting weights because it'll make you 'bulky' just look at Lisa's figure to see that you won't get too big.  Instead lifting weights will help you build and maintain shape, and help your body's ability to burn fat.

What has been the secret to Lisa's youthful appearance and figure.  Has she found the fountain of youth in the Taupo water?!!!  In this update, we ask Lisa how she's managed to fend off the kgs and her advice on how to live lean while enjoying a few treats.


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