Lisa and Johanna at Fitness Expo July '14

Just as we thought she couldn't improve on an already great figure, Johanna Mountfort shows us how its done!

For the past year she's been training heavy focusing on her back and it shows on her new figure she revealed at the NABBA WFF Nationals.  She weighed in a kg heavier (50kg contest weight) and in all the right places with much more mass on her back and also great width across the rear delts.
In the interview below I talk to Johanna about how she gained her size and how competing at the WFF Universe on the Gold Coast on 7 November was a super big lure for her to get back on stage again.

You can also check out part of her posing routine in the video. Get motivated and enjoy!


Its never too late to take up weight training or bodybuilding for that matter.  Just look at Debe Stewart as proof!

Debe didn't start bodybuilding competition until she was in her 30s, now at age 55 she's still hitting the stage with a figure many girls in their 20s would envy.
2003 (44yrs) 2014 (55 yrs)


I've always been fascinated with vegans and their uber commitment to their lifestyle.  They don't eat meat or anything that derives from meat including milk or dairy products. 

Even more fascinating is how vegans prepare for bodybuilding competitions especially when their food is carb based.
So I thought I'd catch up with Ally 'the vegan beast' Cohen who could provide a fascinating insight into the life of a vegan as she is preparing to compete in the BSN Athletic Model Contest at the NZ Fitness Expo.  Slowly but surely, Ally has dropped 8kg since November 2013 and is looking in great shape for the stage.  In this update I ask her how she did and she gives us an insight into her daily diet.



Diana Flynn is not letting age be the barrier to pushing her sporting bounderies.  After beginning her sporting career with  powerlifting, she took up bodybuilding at 43 years old and now at 55 is taking on the best in the world at the prestigious Crossfit Games in U.S.A

As a bodybuilder she'd won the NABBA Masters Class at the Nationals and INBA Natural Olympia in 2003.  And now, 11 years old she's still pushing her body in the demanding sport of Crossfit.  How did she get into Crossfit and did she imagine she'd be quite good at it?!! 

Read on and check out the Video Interview of Diana in action below.

Plus a few more pics of Diana from her bodybuilding days at the end.



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