Its never too late and you're never too old to start a new fitness challenge.

Just look at the amazing Pauline Wrigley who plunged into her first marathon at 51!

Marathon running has taught Pauline that she is strong and she is capable of backing herself despite fears she may fail.

Read on to find out how Pauline got into Marathon running and the benefits she's gained from it.


Tracey and Mike

Hard to believe 8 years has passed since we saw Tracy Allsopp Smith on stage and she's been busy! 

She got married to fellow bodybuilder Mike and now have 4 and 5 year old girls. So life is busy but still Tracey made time to prepare for her come back show - the NABBA WFF West Auckland Champs.

At age 42, Tracy is looking great and her body is probably as good now as when she left.

In this video interview with Tracy we ask her if it was harder or easier to get motivated for her comeback as it was back all those years ago.  Plus check out part of her summer inspired posing routine!

Watch Video of Tracy in action below! 

Sorry for the slapping noise in the background in some parts of the video.


Janine and Lisa
Just like a fine wine, 2014 NABBA Figure Overall Winner, Janine Haywood's figure is certainly developing plenty of maturity as the years go by. 

Janine who turned 50 earlier this year doesn't know how many shows she's competed in or how many overall titles she's won in her 9 year NABBA Figure career as counting trophies is not what she's about.
Janine is all about pursuing excellence in making her body the best she can and having fun while she's doing it.  She's at her most happiest while she's on stage and soon she'll be having on the internal stage at the NAC Universe on 27 November.

I caught up with Janine at her happy place ie Transform Health and Fitness Gym in Howick to find out more about this woman I call my Muscly friend.

Watch Video of Janine in action below!


I'm going to have to check Pichuda Copeland's birth certificate as she tells me she's 48.  Yes 48! 

Wow Pich looks amazing.  She lives a fit and healthy lifestyle, working as a Personal Trainer but right now shes even more of a Thai Goddess because she's only 2 weeks away from competing at the INBA Natural Olympia in San Diego on 8 November.

Pich and Lisa

Pich was a late bloomer in the sport, first competing in Shape when she was 42. 6 years on, she's competed in numerous regional shows but now she's off to her first International competition.  I talked to Pich before she head off to find out how she's feeling ahead of her International debut.

Pich is still fundraising for her trip so if you can help, please go to this link

Watch Video of Pich in action below!


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