Its been a huge year for Johanna Mountfort with her winning the Ms Athletic Universe at the WFF Universe and ofcourse the Go Figure 'Figure of the Year' Award capping off a long run of success at regional, national and international level in 2013.

Before we let Johanna sit back relax with a well earned cup of tea, fellow athlete Sarah Parr interviewed Johanna to find out some of her highlights and address those negative rumours that had been circulating about her! Separated at birth; Sarah and Jo


Eversince she blasted on to the scene in 2012 with her beaming smile and well conditioned booty, I have been chasing this humble figure for a story. I had a feeling underneath that great body there was a battle to be revealed and that instinct was right.

Hard to believe but cantabrian Beks Fraser has battled her demons with booze and depression but has been saved from her downhill battle by bodybuilding.

right: INBA Akl 2012

In 2 years she has turned her life around and has risen up the ladder of success with her recent win at the INBA Natural Olympia.

Here Beks reveals what her past life was like and how bodybuilding has been instrumental in getting her out of her rut.  Thanks Beks for sharing your story with us and your modesty makes you a true inspiration!


Michelle and Lisa

I have probably photographed Michelle Dixon at most of her shows in the past 10 years that she's competed in so its only apt that I was there for her last show ever!

It was a mix of smiles and sadness that Michelle was experiencing as she goes through the motions towards her last showing on stage.

right: Michelle at her last comp - the NZIFBB Waikato

In this interview I ask what she's feeling and if she'll miss the excitement of contest day.

You are so fun and friendly Michelle and I know backstage won't be the same without your infectious and vibrant personality!!

Michelle's previous Wonder Woman article and her achievements here



After competing in just 2 shows, NZIFBB National Bikini Short Winner is the envy of many athletes as she's off to compete at the Arnold Amateur in March 2014! 

Sheena is a busy lady, she currently teaches 6 Les Mills classes a week while working as a full time Lawyer. She is also getting married before the Arnold Classic but she is looking forward to challenge of all that lays ahead of her.
In this interview Sheena tells us her training and nutrition plans as she prepares for the Arnolds!


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