Figure athlete Trinity Sax made a successful return to the stage after almost 2 years in hibernation by winning the NABBA Open Figure Short and Overall Figure at the NABBA WFF Pan Pacific Champs in Auckland on 29 August. 

right: Lisa with Trinity and Elle
I caught up with Trinity 2 days before the contest to video her last training before the big day!


With a new look bright red hair befitting an action figure, Raechelle Veale is rebooting her spot on the fitness scene with a comeback at the NABBA WFF Pan Pacific Champs!

left: Raechelle and Lisa
I caught up with Raechelle at Ludus Magnus where she gets regularly tortured by their gruelling workouts.


Spotted this little cutie, Leigh Ann, at the Go Figure Show in 2014 and thought she had something about her so its good to see her compete at the Expo. What impresses me about Leigh Ann is that she's so well rounded. At only 21, she has a 2 year old and is studying nursing. She's used weight training and competing as her focus and living a healthier life for her child. Nice work Leigh Ann!


Congratulations to Lisa Bailey Smith who placed 5th at the NAC World Champs in Warsaw Poland in July 2015.

This is probably the best we've Lisa so despite her placing she should be super happy with what she presented on the day.

Lisa said the show had 220 competitors in total. 13 in the physique class which is by far the best competition for numbers and quality athletes she's been to. Show was run extremely well.

She wants to say a big thanks to NABBA NZ for their support, they have been amazing and looking forward to the future shows.  Also thanks to her spoonsors Missy Hawkins, BT Motor Sports, L'Oreal, City Fitness and a big thanks to hubby DAVE of course.

Check out more photos and video below.


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