Debbie and Janine
Hmm Raw Food Workshop.  Sounds interesting.  Is it just going to be lots of broccoli and green juice?

We sent our roving reporter Janine Haywood to give the Raw Energy Workshop a go and this is what she found out.

" I recently had the pleasure of attending a ‘Raw Energy Workshop' held by Debbie Buddle who owns Natures Nutrition.

As you know Lisa, I choose to eat clean all the time, so I needed to find a way to eat more and add variety to my food to feed the body the extra it needs during the building season but also keep my mind happy to know I am controlling my weight.

While talking to Debbie she told me about the power of raw food, this got me very interested in learning more. I attended one of her Raw Food Energy Workshops and now am inspired that I can feed the body more efficiently in a lot more ways than I ever thought possible.



  Since I wrote the article on my newly discovered hormone issues last week, I've had a flood of emails and feedback from many viewers who are also going through similar issues.  I think this problem is perhaps more common in bodybuilders as we do tend to push ourselves to the physical and physiological limits!

left: Naera Johnson 
                     One athlete who has had to live with a thyroid issue is Naera Johnson. Here she tells us what she's had to endure since childhood since discovering she had underactive thyroid.  Thanks for contributing Naera! 


Me not looking so lean,
now I know why!

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I'm not talking about the huge squat I did this morning lol. Rather, the fact that now I know what has been wrong with me and why I haven't been able to get lean all these years. The culprit? my hormones!!!!

I was going to keep my issue personal but I figured I'm not the only one with this problem and if I can help someone else identify they may have hormonal issues, then I'll put myself out there. So hopefully this doesn't come across as some indulgent piece of writing but rather an account of what I've been going through in the hope it will help you function better too. 



Stayed at the Menzies ofcourse! 

Don't you hate it when you come back from holiday and you get sick?  Guess its better than being sick while on holiday eh.  I went on holiday to have time out from a very full on year that saw me go to 20 shows!!!  that's alot of pics and time on the computer.  Plus I'd also been training pretty hard in the gym and felt my body was telling me to have a holiday too.  So there I went jetting to Sydney for a few days of sunshine.

But then 'bam' almost as soon as I hopped off the plane I felt hot and head felt stuffy.  Perhaps I caught something from someone off the plane or combination of having time to finally relax has made my body realise just how tired it was and susceptible to getting a cold.

              Like most gym bunnies,  I was determined to get back to gym despite feeling and looking like death warmed up.  Needless to say I could hardly lift a pencil but I still needed to go to maintain routine and it is better than wallowing in tissues at home.  Since then I have made myself rest and forced myself not to hop in the car to go to gym for a few days.  Gym will always be there! 

But  I'm wondering how many of you have continued to train even though you know you should rest? Nothing can bring a bodybuilder's progress to a halt more than when you are sick. But for most of us, its we've been programmed to go to gym and feel if we missed a day or two, we'll get fat or lose any gains we've made in the gym.


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